Best Games Ever

Original Post Date: April 13, 2007

This is a response to Zoda3’s blog entry. My comments wouldn’t fit! lol

I’ve played video games since they came out, starting with Pong when I was 4 and had chicken pox. I’ve played just about every platform too. I can’t narrow it down to just one game, so here are a few.

1) Star Wars (Atari 1983): There was something about going down the trench and hearing Obi-One say, “Use the Force, Luke.” Gave me chills and filled my heart with inspiration. I wish I could have a sit down cabinet one.

2) Star Trek (Sega 1982): Classic Trek game. A sit down cabinet would be nice of this one as well. I had it on my Apple IIe until my silly Aunt gave it away. It was her computer back then. For some reason she didn’t think I liked the game. And it was the only one she gave away out of 100 games or so!! What the hey?! lol

I still have that AppleIIe and all the games for it! And it still works!

3) X-Com UFO Defense Force (Microprose 1993?): I bought a new computer, just so I could play this game. My friend who had it didn’t want me staying over just to play all night. lol

This was one of those games where you put on a Depend’s undergarment, break out the 3 liter of Dr. Pepper, and box of cake mix. If your a hardcore gamer you know what I’m talking about!

4) Doom II (ID 1993?): All I can say is classic shooter. I got so good at this one PvP that my friends didn’t want to play with me anymore.

5) X-Wing Series (Lucas Arts – 1993-1997?): This series along with TIE Fighter and Alliance are awesome starfighter simulators. I wish they would make more of these. Great games. I noticed in Episode III Anakins Cockpit displays looked very similiar to these games in positioning and read outs.

6) Star Craft (Blizzard – 1999) One of the best RTS of all time.

7) Eve-Online (CCP 2003-): The best space based Massive Multiplayer Online Game I’ve ever played.

8) Halo 1 & 2 & 3: Of course!

9) Ultima 4, 5 (1980s): Classic RPGs on my Apple IIe. What was the head designer’s name? King British?

There are a lot of other games I have really enjoyed from Atari, Nintendo, PC, X-Box etc etc.. too numerous to list. These are some of the ones that really stood out for me. I list them because I played them the most, they had good story lines, I still have a lot of them on my computers, or I dream about them.

I’ve had weird dreams the last couple of years about being in a gargantuan arcade during the Arcade Golden Years. Of course all the Star Wars games are there along with Star Trek and tons of others.

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