Star Wars: A Fan’s History

Original Post Date: April 11, 2007

Hey there my fellow Star Wars enthusiasts.

Yes, I finally broke down and joined Hyperspace. I have wanted to from the beginning, but I couldn’t bring myself to pay $40 to do so. Since they have dropped the price, the time was right.

I love Star Wars. I have been a fan since I was three years old and watched Episode 4 in 1977 on the big screen for the first time. I played with the toys, watched the movies over and over again on VHS when they finally came out, and was ready to camp out for tickets to Episode I when it arrived. Though I didn’t camp out, I had friends that did and secured me a ticket. :-D Thanks guys! I was sick in bed and couldn’t go to the theater for the campfire.

I eagerly awaited Episodes II and III, and I have since watched them over and over again like the first ones on DVD. I bought the special addition releases of the original trilogy on VHS, and again on DVD when they arrived.

I have critically analysed all of the films and can breath the dialogue like I breath the air around me. My five year old son is a Star Wars fan as well now, and we lightsaber dual with our plastic sabers and have played Lego Star Wars I & II all the way through.

I have read all of the post Episode 6 books from the Truce of Bakura all the way to about the middle of the New Jedi Order series. I’m on Star by Star at the time of this writing. I also have read many of the graphic novels, which I have really enjoyed.

I own and have played X-Wing and all its expansions, Tie-Fighter, X-Wing vs. Tie Fighter [note to Lucasarts: make more of these!!], Alliance, Rebellion, all the RTS games, all the FPS, Battlefront I & II, and probably any of the other ones I’ve forgotten. I’ve played the Star Wars Role Playing Game from first edition on.

My dream girls as a teenager and twenty something were Princess Leia and Padme.

I have Star Wars ring tones on my phone. Its funny to watch the faces of people around me when Vader starts breathing.

There have been times I would prefer living in the Star Wars universe over our own.

You could call me a Star Wars fan without a shadow of a doubt.

Why do I detail all this? A part of my blog writings will be thoughts and opinions concerning the story as well as some critical analysis. I don’t want anyone to ever think that I don’t love Star Wars.

I’ve also written a Fan Fiction story that I will share with the community. So thats it for my first entry! Woohoo, I’m glad to be apart of the Star Wars blogosphere! Peace.

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