Star Wars: Sand People: Kill ’em all!

Original Post Date: April 13, 2007

Something else I have been thinking about today.

Play it: Padme confronting Anakin on the landing platform on Mustafar. Anakin, angry, tells her not to turn against him like the Jedi did. She responds with its about what he has done, killing younglings etc etc.

So let me get this straight, its not okay to kill human younglings? Granted that would be a bad thing to do, but what about killing Sand People younglings?

Play it: Anakin grieving over his dead mother in the shop of the Lar’s farm on Tatooine ( i don’t know if I spelled that right). The smell of dirt, grime, and grease filling the air. Anakin, angry, telling Padme, I killed them all, and not just the men, the women and the children too.

So what does Padme do? She marries him at the end of E2. What does Padme do on Mustafar? She turns against Anakin.

This leads me to believe that Padme and a lot of other people in the galaxy consider Sand People to be “mindless beasts.” Anakin said they were like animals, and he slaughtered them like animals.

I have to highly disagree with Anakin and anyone else who lower the Sand People to the status of animals. Also, Padme is a hypocrite if she did not have a problem with Anakin killing the women and children Sand People, but she was willing to turn away from him for killing the younglings in the Jedi Temple. So basically they are racist against the Sand People.

Sand People are not like animals. Here are my reasons.

1) The Sand People are humanoid, walking upright. They have a language. Just because it may be a lot of yelling and untranslatable by people who don’t know it doesn’t mean its not one. It could be compared to some modern languages I’ve heard.

2) The Sand People are intelligent. They can use complex tools and equipment like laser rifles. They travel single file to hide their numbers.

3) The Sand People build huts and other civilized structures in a camp setting.

4) The Sand People live off the desert, finding water, food, and clothing without a problem. I don’t see any animals running around in clothing. They use pouches and other sophisticated accessories.

5) The Sand People captured other people (Shmi) to take back to camp as slaves or whatever.

6) The Sand People have a fighting style and use tactics. They are stealthy as in E4 when they snuck up on Luke.

7) They Designed and manufactured Gaffi sticks.

8) They celebrate victories. During the pod race they shot one down and were having a party up on the ridge.

So as you can see, Sand People are not like rodents or something that are okay to exterminate. Anakin really did commit a moral evil when he wiped the entire tribe out that had captured his mother. Qui-Gon even called out to Anakin not to do so.

Padme is all about democracy and civil rights like freedom, but it didn’t seem to bother her that Anakin was a mass murderer in E2. Wow, I am so surprised a gigantic red flag didn’t pop up over Anakin’s head when Padme listened to what he had done.

“Wake up Padme, he is an angry, emotionally disturbed, child killer!!! Don’t marry him!!!”

She is lucky Anakin didn’t whip out his lightsaber on Mustafar and cut her in half when he got angry. Oh wait, he might have realized she was carrying twins if he did that. Oh wait, would that have really bothered a child killer?

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