Is Something Going to Happen, September 23, 2017? (Scott Clarke & Derek Gilbert Interview)

Jesus told us that there would be signs in the heavens as we approach the time of His second coming (Luke 21:11, Genesis 1:14).  This discussion between Scott Clarke and Derek Gilbert on the astronomical sign in Revelation 12 is very interesting.

Scott has more videos on the subject on his Youtube page here.
Derek Gilbert Youtube page here.

Of course I don’t necessarily agree with everything someone teaches, and I always recommend taking everything with a grain of salt.  Be like a Berean and search the scriptures (Acts 17:11).

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4 Responses to Is Something Going to Happen, September 23, 2017? (Scott Clarke & Derek Gilbert Interview)

  1. Paulo Anchieta da Silva says:

    This basic arrangement happened also before—in September 1827, in September 1483, in September 1293, and in September 1056.
    Considering only back one thousand years, from 2017 to 1017—there are undoubtedly other examples outside of that time period.

    • Daniel Silas says:

      Good information. Thank you.

      Do you happen to know the exact dates? And did any of them fall on Israel’s feast days such as Feast of Trumpets?

    • Daniel Silas says:

      I did some research on these others dates. Here are a couple of links to fellows who looked at them. I have to agree with their findings.

    • Daniel Silas says:

      I am not a date setter at all. If this astronomical alignment is what John saw in Revelation 12 (and it very well could be), then it is simply another sign pointing us to what Jesus said in regard to what is coming.

      “So you also, when you see all these things, know that it is near—at the doors!” (Matthew 24:33).

      Jesus commanded us to watch, He gave us signs to look for, and when we see them all come together… then we can know His coming is soon. Therefore, I have been and will continue to be a prophecy watcher eagerly looking for Him, yearning and listening for His call, and lifting up my head because our redemption draws nigh. Praise His name! :)

      I believe His word.

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