God’s Salvation

“Salvation belongs to the Lord.” Psalms 3:8a

Book Description
The revelation of the Lamb of God is a story of God’s grace and mercy to a world of sinners in danger of God’s coming wrath. Jesus’ incredible life and loving act of complete self-sacrifice brings God’s salvation into clear view as the way to forgiveness, yet there are those who still reject Jesus as Savior and Lord.

The world remains divided between those who follow Jesus and those who reject Him. The Bible explains why, and the tension between God’s Sovereignty and human choice is a deep question discussed among believers for centuries.

Seeking to shine a light of discovery on the theological question, Daniel Silas presents a simple, basic explanation that unifies the Biblical texts.

God commmands all to repent and believe, eternal life is freely given to those who come and desire, but no one would call on the name of the Lord to be saved without His intervention.

A Thought
“It is actually very simple. God chose to save. God created man. Man chose sin. Jesus died. God intervenes. Sinners repent and believe. If God did not intervene, no one would be saved and Jesus would have died in vain.” -Daniel

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Part 1 – The Good News: here (audio)
Part 2 – Who Can Come?: here (audio)
Part 3 – The Human Choice: here (audio)
Part 4 – God’s Sovereignty: here (audio)
Part 5 – God’s Solution: here (audio)
Part 6, Section 1 – God’s Work: here (audio)
Part 6, Section 2 – God’s Work: here (audio)
Part 7 – God’s Grace: here (audio)
Part 8 – God’s Assurance: here (audio)
Part 9 – God’s Enemies: here (audio)
Part 10 – God’s Glory: here (audio)
Part 11 – God’s Preservation: here (article)

Additions to the book:
Part 12 – God’s Intimacy: here (video)
Part 13 – God’s New Creation: here (audio)
Part 14 – God’s New Purpose: here (audio)
22 Points – God’s Grace and Sovereignty in Salvation: here (article)