Apocalypse Soon? (Bill Salus & LA Marzulli)

Very interesting information.

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50 Reasons We Are in the End Times

Here is my list of 54 signs I’ve witnessed so far.

I don’t necessarily agree with everything Dr. Reagan presents, but there is a lot of good information here either way.

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The Rapture (Billy Crone)

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An Introduction to the Sovereign Gospel

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10 Effects of Romans 9 on My Life (John Piper)

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The Gospel Explained in Christian/Muslim Dialogue

A great explanation by Dr. James White.

Recorded at at the Memphis Islamic Center on January 25, 2017.

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The Trinity


Recently I was asked about the Trinity, and this was my response.  While I have written other articles on the subject, this discussion may add further detail.

“I agree that, ‘There is one God who exists as Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. They are all equally God and are somehow one yet can exist distinctly.’

They are of one essence and one substance.  They are one in relationship, one in will, one in every aspect yet they have distinctness as three persons.  A perfect example of this is when Yahuwah (God) appeared to Abraham in Genesis 18.

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