Avoiding the Sin of Ingratitude (John MacArthur)

Such a good message this morning.  We should always be thankful to the Lord for everything, every day.  Lord, please forgive us where we falter in this.

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Moabite Inscription and Emmaus (Archaeology)

More interesting archaeological discoveries impacting the Bible.  Very interesting.  Story starts at 10:19.

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Throne Room (Kim Walker-Smith)

“…my heart can’t contain the weight of your name…”

This song says it all for me today.

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Mount Sinai in Saudi Arabia?

I found this video very interesting, and I’m open to new insights based on evidence.  I’m not sure where I stand on this particular subject, but this documentary is compelling.  I know that human tradition is often wrong.

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Inscribed Ring of Pontius Pilate (Archaeology)

“The name of the man who ordered Jesus crucified and ran his trial, the ancient infamous Roman governor of Jerusalem, Pontius Pilate, has been deciphered on a bronze ring found in excavations at the site of Herodion near the West Bank’s Bethlehem, some 50 years ago.

“The ring was found during a dig led by Professor Gideon Forster from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, a short time after the Six-Day War in 1968-69, as part of preparations to open the site to visitors.”

Full news story here.

The ring could have been actually used by Pontius Pilate, one of his officials, or someone in his court.  It would be used to sign his name.  What an amazing find!

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Sodom and Gomorrah (Archaeology)

“A super heated blast from the sky…”

Very interesting.  Occurred around 3,700 years ago.

Read full article here.

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Adam & Eve and Noah (Science)

Sounds like science again confirms Adam & Eve and additionally confirms Noah’s Ark.  Very good information.

Marisa Dellatto with the New York Post reports, “It really is all relative.

“A new study revealed that all humans are descendants of the same man and woman who lived 100,000 to 200,000 years ago.

“Our communal mom and dad got together after a ‘catastrophic event’ almost wiped out the human racethe Daily Mail reported of the study.

“The researchers studied the DNA of five million animals, including humans, to come to their conclusions. They also found that every nine out of 10 animals come from the same original creatures.

Continue reading

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