Epitome of Disillusion

I hate this world and its lies,
I would destroy all these materialistic things,
I hate all the pain, death, hurting hands,
I would destroy those who make war,
What am I but nothing and void,
My skin is caked with slime, my failure,
It drips from my lips, nose and pores,
Disillusioned am I with this life,
I stand on this spike feeling it slide
Through my skin into my feet, agonized,
This sculpture of defeat,
As I am impaled by the spike of evil,
I see the world clapping, laughing,
All the greed, crime, and lust you love,
Though I live in this stagnant pool of disease
Everyday, apart of this rupturing virus,
I cannot get away, oh how I wish for that trumpet,
Give me peace!
Give me love!
Give me Life!

About Daniel Silas

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