Moment of Decision

A hollow hole of mud inside,
Deep within this spirit, my person,
The eyes that were blind can see,
A broken being I have been,
Part flesh, entwined with a spirit,
Confused and wandering with eyes closed,
So many parts, no many needs,
I need love, I need care,
I need a family, I need a friend,
A collar of iron, the wickedness,
A chain connected to this world,
Flesh split with the black whip,
Stagnant water to my knees,
Biting flies and leeches on my skin,
Lost in my fear, suffocated with rage,
Alone I was in this life.

Then a light broke the night,
Illuminating me fully, exposing my nakedness,
You came and freed me from this cell,
The book was opened, revealing its truth,
Inside my eyes its words spoke,
My spirit slept inside this pale flesh,
The truth pierced my swollen eyes,
You walked to the door,
A door of wood and iron,
A knock, softly shattered the silence,
My tears fell, I have heard the knocking,
Since my childish innocence broke,
My soul, my spirit, my body cry out
My Father has come for me,
A tongue of fire engulfed my form,
Inside it came, erupted into my spirit.
I am searching for you, please show me the way.

My Father, I need you, I opened the door,
Two fathers I have, one of flesh,
One of spirit, I will come,
Light brighter than a thousand suns,
Love greater than all love in life,
I am small, flesh and spirit,
My Father calls, He holds my hand,
I am only a child, lost in the dark,

Lost in this wicked world far from home,
My Daddy has come to take me,
To wipe away my tears, to strengthen,
To destroy the pain and loss,
The child with the blue eyes,
My Father is carrying me, protecting me,
I will not deny the Truth,
I cannot turn from my Father,
He loves me!

About Daniel Silas
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