Church, Life with Christ, and the Great Artist

I had a friend mention that she feels bad because some Christians who attend church look down on her for not attending regularly. Here is my response to her.

There is no need to worry about what other Christians think about you in regard to whether you attend church regularly or not. Don’t feel bad about it. The only opinion that matters is Christ’s.

The writer of Hebrews wrote that we should not negelect gathering ourselves together for encouragment, teaching each other to love, and to do good works to glorify God. (Hebrews 10:23-25). Its good to be around other Christians who love Christ and live for Him. We can really benefit from those relationships. I have. But, going to church is not required for salvation or anything like that. It doesn’t mean you are a good Christian or a bad Christian.

The most important thing is your relationship to Jesus. Our faith is about walking with Him every moment of our lives. I love Him far more than words can ever describe. I breath Him and ask for His Spirit to saturate my spirit, to fill every cell of this body, to fill my mind, heart, and soul. Loving Him is living a life of repentence and trust in Him. To follow Him, to love Him with all my heart and strength, and to love others as He loves me. Especially loving my brothers and sisters in Christ. And putting my love for Him and others into action. All that is what pleases Him, especially trusting Him for everything.

As the Great Artist, God has created beauty and works so wonderful and so amazing. Landscapes, music, the sky, color, the very elements of the universe, and His plan of grace and salvation. What is more beautiful, the works of His hands or the mind and person who created those things? All good things in the universe, this world, and our lives are all from God.

I hope you are walking with Him and find His peace today.


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