Psalm 122

1 I was glad when they said to me, “Let us go into the house of the LORD.”

I met a young man who waited on my wife and I this past weekend when we went out to dinner. He was very nice, and we had a good conversation. He was brought up in church, but he did not go to church as an adult. He basically said that he doesn’t attend because of the hypocrisy and shallow religous attitudes toward different things. One example is how religious people act concerning dressing up for services and how they look down on others who go casual.

I hear these things a lot from people, and I have written about it before in a past blog entry. Unfortunately, no church is perfect. Nor would I be able to attend a church that is perfect because my imperfection would ruin it. There are always going to be problems at church because the church isn’t the building. The church is the people who attend. With all human beings there are going to be mistakes made and wrong decisions. People are going to be shallow, and they are going to do things that hurt other’s feelings. That is the way it is in any human organization. It shouldn’t be like that at church, but it is.

Even though there are problems in church, whenever it is time for church you will find me attending. I love to go to church, and I love to take part in what is going on there. It isn’t because the people. I go to church because its about God and Jesus. When I go to church I do so to worship the Lord and to learn more about Him. I love the people as well even with all of our problems because they are the people of God. Jesus wants us to love each other like He loves us (John 13:34). I go to church focused on God not on my neighbor. I will always be disappointed if I focus on people. I will never be disappointed if I focus on God.

Some of the deepest and best friendships I have had in my life are because I have met some great people at church. I love church because it is a place to gather together for mutual purpose in worshiping God, learning about Christ, having an organization to do good works with, and to encourage each other in the faith. We can do those good things on a broader scale when we have others to do them with, and we can continually remind one another and encourage one another to stay on the right path. Iron sharpens iron, and I have learned so much from other men that God has taught.

So when someone says its time to go to church, my heart will be glad to do so.

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