Setting aside all meritorious deeds (Dharma), just surrender completely to My will (with firm faith and loving contemplation). I shall liberate you from all sins. Do not fear.” from Krishna in the Bhagavad Gita (aka The Song of God)

My Question:

So set aside works, obedience to Krishna’s will. Krishna will liberate from sin. And what happens if you don’t submit to Krishna’s will?


In the Bhagavad Gita Krishna says that everyone can choose their own path, he says if you want to follow a Demi-God then you service to the Demi-God will hopefully favor you, but Krishna says you only have to follow him. He states there is no need for austerites that Bhakti Yoga (loving service and devotion) is the best form of Yoga for this age of… See More Kali-Yuga. If you don’t submit to Krishna – you will probably reincarnate again into this material world. Even Demi-Gods face the same fate. If you have lived a good life, but could not completely detach from the fetter of Maya (the material illusion) Krishna-Govinda will bless you with another Human birth – which is considered a blessing. Only Humans can contemplate where we came from. If you live an unsavorary life, you could reincarnate as an animal or be sent to another material world that can be more hellish…

My Comment:

Even though I don’t believe in reincarnation, I’ve studied it some. So even in Hinduism there is consequences for evil behavior. How does that work into your definition of compassion? (as this particular poster thinks God’s eternal justice against those who reject Jesus means God doesn’t have compassion).

Just speculating here. I’ve often wondered if reincarnation is a type of hell. And the worst part would be not knowing you were repeating the cycle. After all we live on a prison planet. In reincarnation the person forgets everything from their past lives. That is simply terrible in my opinion.

I prefer Chistian thought. God tells us directly what are problem is and directly tells us how to have an eternal, loving relationship with our Creator. He directly tells us how we can be with Him forever.

No questions, no quess work, no confusion, no murky waters.

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