Jesus Saved Me

April 10, 1977 – Jesus saved me. I accepted Him as my Lord and Savior late in the evening. It was after the conclusion of Jesus of Nazareth, the mini series that aired on NBC that month.I was three years old, young yes, but He showed me that I needed Him to save me. I remember being in my room and praying for Him to do so.

I do not remember life without Jesus. I love Him, and I always will love Him.There have been times when no one would have known I believed in Him. But He has always been faithful to come after me, find me, and bring me back to Himself. To bring me to repentance and to change my life.

And as I have gotten older, it… is my hope over the years that I have brought honor to His name as I have worked to show His goodness and grace in salvation.

Jesus came to save that which was lost. To die in the place of sinners so that whoever repents and believes in Him will be saved from the wrath to come. Believe and follow Him.

About Daniel Silas
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