This is How a USA Citizen is Treated (Election 2012)

This is how a USA Citizen is treated.

#1 Get license in Texas a year and a half ago. DPS puts in wrong day for birthday. 8/31 instead of 8/13.

#2 Register to vote.

#3 Problem with registration due to wrong birthday on state issued identification. Letter sent. I call and they had not put in the right year. Year corrected.  “Do I need to do anything else?” I ask. “No. That is all we need.”

#4 Problem with registration due to wrong birthday. Letter sent. Read letter last night (didn’t check mail for a few days).

#5 Call county voter registration office this morning. Woman at voter registration office was rude and condescending. Day of birth wrong.   “If you send us another form without your state issued identification we can register you to vote. We’ll push it through by telling the state you don’t have one.”

#6 Go to DPS and wait for three hours to get state issued license birthday corrected. Treated rudely by staff at only DPS office on west side of Houston near Katy. Katy DPS office closed down.

#7 Get new license and go to vote. Judge calls county. County says there is something wrong with my voter’s registration.

“Sorry. You may be a responsible US Citizen but you are not able to vote with a valid state identification stating your name, correct birthday, and physical address. Send in new form and vote next time. You can not vote in this election.”

#8 Right to vote taken away by state of Texas due to the state of Texas goverment employees at DPS incompetence putting in wrong birthday on state issued identification. And they had my birth certificate in front of them.

#9 Could vote without state issued identification if I had not put it on the voter registration form. Illegal aliens that register to vote without state identification can vote. That could even be Chinese progressives handing out fake ballots outside polling stations, Saudi Arabian terrorists, or Latin Americans.

#10 Thanks Texas. Thanks USA.


#11 Refuse to be denied constitutional rights.

#12 Call Harris County voter registration office again. Talk to same woman from this morning. Get laughed at when I explain I had to wait 3 hours at DPS to fix my license.

#13 Woman decides to finally be semi-nice and helpful. Reprocesses voter registration application as its correct now. Tol d to return to voter location and tell them that they can’t deny me a provisional vote. Judge can call lady (given name) at county voter registration office.

#14 Return to voting location. Talk with judge without being belligerant as instructed. Judge calls judge voter registration hot line. Request woman by name I spoke with at county office. Judge given run around.

#15 I mention that the woman said I would have to be given a provisional vote. Judge hangs up as he can do that without having to talk to anyone. He should have done that to begin with. I am not sure why he did not.

#16 Processed into system.

#17 Vote as a US and Texas citizen.

“Daniel, your vote in 2008 was to abstain because you didn’t like either candidate.”

“Yes, that is correct. I was taking a valid political stance and casting my vote as ‘abstain’ instead of voting for corrupt politicians.”

“Daniel, why did you vote in 2012 if you don’t like either candidates as they are both corrupt.”

“The answer is simple. I didn’t vote for a party or any particular candidate. I voted to get Barack Obama out of office.”

“Daniel, why is that your vote?”

“Barack Obama and his friends are progressives. That is a code word for a marxist, socialist poltical philosophy and agenda. That group wants to bring European style government to the United States. Either communist or fascist (one side of the spectrum or the other), both systems are a centralized, massive government that ‘controls’ as much as possible.

My vote was to get Barack Obama out of office, to get progressives out of the congress, and to keep liberal judges from getting control of the courts.   I voted against the Democratic party that used to be a good party. It used to be a party for the common man.

The Democractic party was taken hostage and hijacked by political radicals that want to destroy the United States and our choice of limited government.   I voted against the murder of babies in the womb, the destruction of marriage as a religious institution between one man and one woman, anti-gun people, anti-constitution people, anti-Israel people, anti-America people, people who apologize for America as if we are the only evil doers in the world, people who go around bowing to tyrants and monarchs around the world, haters of people of faith, and God haters. That is what the Democratic party has become.

Did I vote for Republicans? No. They are just as bad as the Democrats in many ways. They are just as corrupt, selfish, and immoral as the rest. They only care about themselves, and whether its Democrats or Republicans in power, they are going to destroy this country.   The history of the political parties and what they’ve done over the years proves that. They are all in the pocket of the people with all the money.

The 1% who are all in control of the monetary system and banks. Two sides of the same coin. Two sides of the same face. Are they for the people? No. They are all guilty.   The United States is doomed.

All forms of government have the same problems. They are all corrupt and the ‘pigs’ (Animal Farm) in power will abuse the rest of us. Kings, tyrants, senates, parliaments, or parties are all the same. They all use force to control the people in the end.

When it comes to democracy, just as we have seen from history, the majority can vote to destroy it. When the majority are evil, the product of democracy will be evil. The clearest example of that today is the Islamic states with our examples being Libya and Egypt. Democratic yes, Israel and United States haters yes. Syria is next. Turkey is already there.

We will have war, its just a matter of time.

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