A Prayer After the 2012 USA Election

Good morning Jesus, my Lord and King.

You are holy, beautiful, and true. Your majesty fills the heavens, and your name is glorified above all things. You are absolutely sovereign and in control. If two sparrows cannot fall to the ground outside of your will, then nothing happens on this earth outside of your will. I pray that your will be done on this planet. I pray that your kingdom would come quickly.

Thank you for all your blessings and all the good things you do for us. You sustain our life. You give us each breath, and every beat of our heart. You provide food, water, clothing, jobs, and everything we need to survive in this world. Thank you most of all that you died in our place. Thank you that you came to save us. Thank you that we are saved through your blood when we trust in you, saved from the wrath and vengeance to come.

Forgive me for the sin that lingers in this flesh. I desire to be good every moment, and I ask that you would give me the strength to always do what is right in your eyes. Help me to overcome myself, my own worst enemy. Help me to love and follow you every day of my life. Help me to do good to those around me, and take care of my family, my friends, my coworkers, the widows, the orphans, the weak, and those in need. Help me to be kind and loving to everyone. Help me to be the Christian you have called us all to be.

Thank you for appointing me to live during this time. Thank you that you appointed me to live in the United States. I thank you for the freedom I do have, the right to freely worship you, and the blessing to be able to live a quiet and peaceful life. I pray for my country that you would be with us for the sake of your people. Help us to be a light in this darkness. Help us to do what is right as a country.

We as a people in this country are deeply divided over our politics, and your people thirst for righteousness. As you directed, I lift up our leaders in prayer. I pray for Barack Obama and all of our elected officials at every level of government that you would give them wisdom to lead and do what is right for the people. I pray that you would keep your hand on their hearts, turn them away from selfishness, greed, lies, protect them and their families, and direct them as you can direct the hearts of all men and women when you choose to do so.

Hear the cry of your people, as a people who love you, we want what is right, and we ask that you direct our leaders to do what is right in your eyes. We pray that all of our fellow Americans would repent of sin. We pray that all would believe the truth that has been clearly revealed. We pray that you would open their eyes and hearts. Let your will be done.

Your word clearly reveals that in the end there will be a great falling away from the truth, that all nations will turn away from you, and that they will all come against Israel to destroy them. You reveal to us that things will continue to get worse and worse, that evil will be called good and good called evil. You reveal that the deception will be overwhelming. You reveal that people will reject the truth and love the lie. Help your people to stay strong, firm, and to believe your word no matter what happens. Let your truth be our anchor, our rock, and our strong foundation.

Please protect us. Surround us with your presence. Let your light burn in our hearts. Saturate us with your Spirit. Be with the people of the world who call on your name. Fill us with the fire and power of your Spirit. Give us the words to speak. Work within us to do your will.

Give us the strength to do what is right and help our fellow man when no one else will even when they hate and curse us. Fill us with your love, your compassion, and your wisdom. And when persecution comes to your people, and it does every day, give us the strength to endure it and glorify your name.

Please bless and protect the United States of America. We desire your kingdom, come quickly Lord Jesus.

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