Revelation Song (Phillips, Dean & Craig)


My Lord, my King… my Jesus, holy… magnificient and glorified… My heart burns for you.  I lift up and declare your name before everything that has breath.  My heart yearns for your righteousness, your beauty, your perfect will…  I sing your praises, you are my everything.  You have known me from my mother’s womb.  You formed me to love you, gave me eyes to see, ears to hear, to lift my voice and declare your truth, hands to do your work, and feet to follow you wherever you may lead me.  Fill me with your Spirit as you fill the vastness of your creation, let your light’s fire restrain and burn away the curse of this flesh, saturate every cell with your fragrant presence like the purest, golden oil of your annointed.  Oh Lord, hear my cry, hear the heart that beats by your sustaining power, remember your people and forgive us for all our failures.  Fill me with the depths of your love and wisdom.  Let this spirit be wrapped in your unbreakable strength and power.  Glory to the God of all the Earth, glory to the Lamb, glory to the Lion of Almighty God, the One slain before the earth’s foundations were prepared, who in Your great, grace filled love died to redeem His people for all eternity.  For He has been given all authority and all crowns rest at His feet.  The heavens and earth shake at the power of His name.  The sun will be struck, the moon will be red as blood.  Fire and smoke will fill the air.  They will cry out for the mountains to fall upon them to hide them from His face.  They will look to flee, but there will be no place for them.  He will tread the winepess of your wrath, and put an end to darkness with the glorious light of His revelation.

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