The transformation slow and unnoticed,
Increasing in speed, in silent agony,
Looking down, the smoke begins,
drifting outward, swirling around,
forming a pillar of cloud, a cloak billowing,
Then within the center, fire erupts
like a dagger piercing from the inside,
stabbing outward, with a soft thunder,
flesh melts, ripped asunder, cries,
head back, mouth open, consumed
by the fire, flames tearing forth,
Arms stretched to each side, purified,
the flames roar with the Lion’s voice,
all resistance fades, sweet release,
the blaze, as a mighty wind, a flood of light,
explosive, the flesh falls, replaced with fire.
Freedom found, born into one flesh,
flesh of power, flesh of strength,
Eyes that can see, ears that can hear,
Incorruptible, immortal, one
with the fire of forever.

About Daniel Silas
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