George Bryson & Calvary Chapel

Looks like there is going to be a possible split in Calvary Chapel (depending on if any Calvary Chapel senior pasters decide to break ranks), and it is being led by none other than anti-calvinist George “Read My Book” Bryson.

“On July 19, Chuck Smith sent an email blast to all Calvary Chapel senior pastors endorsing the new Calvary Chapel Association.

On July 20th, George Bryson held a conference at CC Cypress rallying senior pastors to “stay the course”… to hold to traditional Calvary distinctives that aren’t endorsed (at least in print) by the new CCA.

Chuck Smith sent them an endorsement as well.

On Sunday the 21st, everyone was confused. Again.” (Michael Newnham, July 31, 2013 article here)

The first Calvary Chapel split since the death of Chuck Smith is official.

The Calvary Chapel Association announced this afternoon in an email to their pastors that George Bryson would be starting his own movement and those pastors who decide to join with him will have to change the names of their churches.

While the release to the CCA member churches made it sound like an amicable parting, that’s not exactly how it went down.” (Michael Newnham, February 12, 2014 article here)

This personally makes me sad.

I was thinking today how much I missed my Calvary Chapel that I attended for five years and was ordained as a pastor/shepherd.  If I hadn’t run out of funds for my church plant when I traveled out-of-state to start a Calvary Chapel, perhaps I would still be immersed in that which I love… not a “church or organization” per say but a Bible preaching, worshiping, praying, loving fellowship, driven body of believers.  I miss having a church family.

I have and do attend church, but it has never been the same.  *sad face*  Going on 10 years now… I can’t believe how much time has passed.

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