Film Review: “Noah”


I saw “Noah” today so I could review it.  I’m letting my thoughts churn on it.

From a Biblical perspective, the new “Noah” film is an utter disappointment.  It is absolutely terrible.  Save your money and time.  Don’t go see this movie (wait for that $1 DVD rental if you really have to see it).

Here are some reviews that tend to agree with my feelings on it:

Ken Ham: here
Brian Godawa: here
John Nolte: here

“Noah is an insult to Bible-believing Christians, an insult to the character of Noah, and most of all, an insult to the God of the Bible.” – Ken Ham

“Aronofsky has hijacked the Biblical narrative and subverted it to preach his secular humanistic atheist enviro-worship.” – Brian Godawa

“Using $135 million, he [Aronofsky] and Paramount have brilliantly and deviously disguised the Pagan god Gaia as the God of the Old Testament … as THE God.” – John Nolte

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