Young Earth Creationists & Pat Robertson

Pat Robertson made news this week by saying that anyone who believes in a young Earth (6,000 years old) are deaf, blind, and dumb. I believe Pat Robertson is wrong in attacking Christians who believe that by calling them names.  It makes me sad.

I believe in six days of Creation. But, we don’t know how much time passed from the time God created the heavens and earth and He appeared to begin the six days. 

I don‘t believe anything existed on Earth prior to God creating during those six days because it was empty and void, but the planet and water were here.

Nor do we know how long Adam and Eve existed in the Garden of Eden before they sinned.

I personally think Adam and Eve sinned and were cast out of the Garden approximately 6000 years ago, but we don’t know how much time passed total before that.

Ken Ham’s response to Pat Robertson: here

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3 Responses to Young Earth Creationists & Pat Robertson

  1. agnophilo says:

    That the earth or our species or the universe are six thousand years old is about as in keeping with what we know about nature as the idea that the telephone was invented 20 seconds ago is in keeping with our knowledge of history. It flies in the face of virtually everything we know about… well, everything.

  2. Scott Sholar says:

    Thanks for speaking the truth.

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