Hatred of Israel and Jews

Monster Bear

In tribute to Monster Bear

I read a lot of different websites on the internet looking for information pertaining to signs pointing to the soon return of Jesus to the Earth.  One website I found recently was Signs of the Times (sott.net).  It has a lot of information on earth changes among other interesting topics, and I even posted one of their videos showing natural disasters that have been going on.  With at least 53 signs in progress, I have really tried to keep an eye out to keep myself informed.

SOTT.net declares itself as a “…research project of the non-profit Quantum Future Group (QFG). The project includes collecting, arranging, and analyzing news items that seem to best reflect the movement of macrocosmic quantum energies on the planet.”

SOTT also claim to be completely unbiased in their presentation of the news and essays.

On Wednesday, July 23 I noticed an article written by Joe Quinn called Telegenically Dead Palestinians and the Subversion of your Soul (link).  The article popped out at me because I support Israel, and I remember Prime Minister Netanyahu mentioning Hamas’ use of civilian casualties for media purposes.  In the past, Palestinians have been  caught faking news footage as well of “injured” Palestinians being rushed to ambulances and other scenes to manipulate the views of main stream media (MSM).

I read the article and was immediately struck that it was one of the most biased, illogical, irrational, flawed, hate filled pieces of anti-israel, anti-Jew propaganda that I have read in a while.  I was severely disappointed.  Of course, I would never bother commenting on an article like this because it would be a complete exercise of futility (as one pro-Israel commenter wrote).

I decided to read through the comments and was not surprised to see anti-Israel support among the SOTT readers.  But, out of nowhere, a commenter by the name of Monster Bear stood up in the midst of the hate filled crowd and spoke out against Joe Quinn’s article.  What came next was a tidal wave of ad hominem, straw men, hate filled, bigotry, fallacies, and character assassination against Monster Bear and anyone who agreed with his views.

The only reason I decided to write about this is because I was appalled (not surprised) at the out right hate and bigotry against Israel and Christians that not only came from the other commenters on the article, but also from the editorial “enlightened” staff of SOTT.net.  Joe Quinn was honest and revealed his true feelings along with other editors of the site.  They have a completely alternate, revisionist, erroneous view of history, Israel, Jews, the Arab violence and aggression against Israel, and the Bible.

It was admitted by SOTT editors that Monster Bear was banned from commenting, which is no surprise as hate filled bigots can’t stand for someone to have opposing views and the freedom to express them.  Liberals, progressives, and others demand for everyone else to be tolerant and open-minded, but the truth is they are some of the most intolerant and closed-minded people on the planet.  They especially hate people of faith.

Monster Bear did make another account and managed to get one last, long rebuttal posted.  But I figure that account was banned too.  I did see that some of Monster Bear’s comments were deleted as well.  They were there, but were then removed.  I’m glad I noticed.

I’m not sure how long all the comments will be allowed to remain on the site, so I recommend reading them if you have interest (and have the stomach) in seeing the exchange.

Monster Bear posed 4 questions and Joe Quinn’s response is quite horrific.

A) Can we agree that Israel should have an independent state so they can also live in peace and prosperity?

Sure, but not on anyone else’s land. It’s a pretty simple matter of INTERNATIONAL LAW. – Joe Quinn

B) Can those who have been arguing against me please condemn in the strongest terms that Palestinian violence and aggression against Israel is wrong and should be stopped?

No, resistance against oppression and occupation is permitted under the Geneva Conventions. Stealing someone else’s land is NOT.  – Joe Quinn

C) Can those who have been arguing against me please tell me that the attacks on Israel’s innocent civilians and children is just as evil and reprehensible as what has happened on the Palestinian side?

No, because there is a small matter of proportionality and the number of people killed. I trust I don’t have to give you the numbers.  – Joe Quinn

D) Can we agree that Israelis have a right to live in the land along side the Arabs as they have lived in the land for thousands of years as well?

No, because Israelis have not lived in the land for thousands of years. That is a myth. A few small communities of Jews lived there, but they never aspired to a nation state. That was only created by mass immigration from elsewhere. Israelis are illegal colonists in the Middle East.  – Joe Quinn

E) Isn’t it right for Israelis’ descendants who were forcibly taken out of the land by the Romans to return and live there?

Give up the biblical BS as ‘history’. There is no historical evidence for any of your biblical narratives that you use to justify the slaughter of Palestinians– Joe Quinn

My conclusions are simple.

By his own admission, Joe Quinn is a supporter of terrorism and violence against innocent Israeli civilians including children.  Which is an extremely hypocritical position for someone writing an article against Israel about Palestinian casualties (civilians and children) that are being caused by the Hamas war criminals using them as human shields.

As Joe Quinn supports violence against Israel I’d also say by his comments that he is a bigot against Israel and Jews.

He is also a bigot against Christians by calling Monster Bear a “religious nut.”

“Now you’re just nitpicking to try and score points because you’ve been outed as a religious nut who sanctions the murder of children on the basis of your religious belief.” – Joe Quinn

“Didn’t you read what Netanyahu said?? Hamas and all Palestinians that support them WANT THEIR BABIES DEAD!! And everybody KNOWS Bibi is a vessel for the word of Yahweh, so it MUST be true!” – Joe Quinn

Other SOTT editors including the web site founder Laura Knight-Jadczyk were involved in the commentary.  They did not condemn Joe Quinn’s support of violence or bigotry, so I can only conclude they agree with him.

The Signs of the Times is a biased, anti-Israel, anti-Jew, anti-Christian website churning out Palestinian propaganda.  Joe Quinn is a supporter of terrorism and the founder of the website (along with the other editors) appear to be as well with their silence.  They claim to be against psychopaths, but in reality are psychopaths.

“Any and all “advertisements” you see on our site are included either to help in the fight against psychopathy and its effects on our world, or to help fund our continuing efforts.”  – Signs of the Times (about page)

The hatred for Israel is widespread and pervasive.

“So much death.  What can men do against such reckless hate?” – Theoden

I love Israel and I stand with them.   Why?  Because my King is a Jew, and Israel is the last bastion of safety for a persecuted and world hated people.

One day when all nations have come against Israel and they appear to be over run by their enemies, Jesus will appear in the heavens, revealed in all His power and divine glory.  The Messiah will be riding on a white horse and His chosen will ride out with Him to war against the wicked and evil sinners of this dark world.  His army will crush all His enemies.  Then the entire world will be ruled by a Jewish king and all peoples and nations will bow the knee and profess with their mouths that Jesus is Lord.

Let it be.


Note: I have an affinity for bears, and seeing Monster Bear’s avatar I decided to see if I could find it to post at the top of this article. I was successful.


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3 Responses to Hatred of Israel and Jews

  1. Lisa says:

    awesome,hope you dont mind if I share this

  2. lona mueller says:

    Thank you Daniel, I love your tribute to Monster Bear… Searched high & low only one church here [a Calvary Chapel affiliate] is truly safe to attend: no replacement theology and no 5 point Calvinism [don’t know for how long]… Keep up the good work and Amen, “Let it be”…

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