The Lord Hears…

Walking with the Lord…

Yesterday I decided to mow the grass, which getting a day with no rain has been difficult. I prayed when I got out of work, “Lord, please hold the rain back until I finish mowing.”

Right when I was finishing up, a gentle, cool breeze blew a few times. Which felt really nice because I was hot. Then a soft, light mist began to fall. I felt peaceful and loved.

Our Creator is a loving father. The light rain only lasted a few minutes, enough to let me know the Lord hears our prayers. An hour later, I was out grilling and the patio was dry.

The Lord has often answered the smallest of prayers, and He has answered the biggest of prayers.  He answers prayers differently at times.  Sometimes it is yes, sometimes no, sometimes not yet/wait.  I don’t always understand why He answers some prayers one way and not others.  But, I do know that He loves us, and He knows what is best for us.

We will understand in time.

Update Thursday 6/9/16

And because the Lord decided to confirm this was an answer to my prayer, He did it again.  The rain came down hard, and I sat in my garage and watched it until it stopped.  It was beautiful and refreshing.

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