Tormenting Fire, Purifying Fire, or Consuming Fire?

A very interesting look at the doctrine of eternal condemnation and Hell.  Is it an endless tormenting fire?  Is it a purifying fire?  Or is it a consuming fire?  Edward Fudge presents information on his position that it is a consuming fire, and that those who reject Christ will be judged and condemned at the Great White Throne judgement.  Then they will be cast into a consuming fire where perfect divine justice will be poured out and they will suffer punishment for their sins.  Then it will end with the sinner’s utter destruction of body, soul, and spirit.  Total annihilation, eternal punishment for their evil and rejection of Christ.

As always, I don’t necessarily agree with everything someone teaches or says.  Be like Bereans and search the scriptures.  I do think this is a subject we should reexamine.  The protestant reformation turned away from the traditions of men and returned to Sola Scriptura (scripture alone) looking to restore the truth of God’s word.  Are we holding on to a doctrine of men when it comes to the eternal, unending torment of the sinner?

I really like when he talks about the reformers and that they did as much work as they could do in their life time, but it was up to later generations to continue their work at examining tradition handed down to us by the corrupt Roman Catholic Church.

A link to Mr. Fudge’s website and book here.
Another interesting video on the subject here (Doug Batchelor).

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