Living On

The Sunlight filters down
On the cold, hard ground;
The birds fly, gently on
The cold breeze at dawn;
The sad music dances before
My grown eyes;
Memories of past times
Fade into view;
Where has time gone,
Why do we keep living on;
A red cardinal pecks at the dust,
Sparrows perch on the cold fences;
Where is there to go,
Why must we grow old;
To live forever, to go where
Paradise is, the blue
Water drifting into the
Sandy shore.

Green leaves grow and catch
The sunlight, trees, deep roots,
Live forever, where are you;
Where is the Son of Man,
We struggle everyday, grasping
For the light, My eyes look
To the heavens for an answer.
Tears, falling into the earth
As they murder the children,
They know not what they do;
For His wrath will be
Of Fire and Death.
The children of the Father,
Forever fallen, yet some reach
For His hand, please, do not
Forsake us, Come quickly,
Take us from this place,
Oh Lord Jesus.

About Daniel Silas
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