Once again I sit in silence,
The day as beautiful, no words,
This day, all of my life I have
Loved the way it makes me feel,
My renaissance melodies playing in tune;
The glass on the table, red vine inside.

The last notes of the music playing,
Red cranberry, touch of bitter,
Why is it always this way? Alone?

Wait, I sit here in silence and I
Am not alone, my silent friend, close,
He never says anything, just listens,
Jesus is his name, and once long
Ago he died in my place, as I
Would if not he sacrificed himself for me,
The sunlight filtering down through the leaves;
I am never alone, but the need
Inside me, for fair eyes to see
And a smile to enjoy escapes me,
Sometimes its so hard to live,
Its so, iron grip brings you down;
Yet, my silent friend never leaves,
He is there giving me strength and
A shoulder to cry on, comfort;
I feel the breeze, cold once more,
Blowing through my meadow of peace.


About Daniel Silas
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