The End

The end is coming,
The end of all endings,
An end of an era that has lasted
Two Thousand years,
Wake up world, The end is coming,
It started when God molded this
Universe into life and death,
The end is coming.

He died nailed to a cross,
He rose three days later from death,
He lives in strength, power, and glory,
He is coming again.

Nothing else has to happen,
No other signs must be posted,
The second coming is upon us,
He will stand on that mount and rule,
None will stand against Him,
He died for us, now He will bring justice to
The unjust of the world who hated Him.

Hey world, wake up,
The end is coming,
Jesus is coming again,
The end of what we know is upon us.

People with foolish lust and pride
Will fall into fire,
The fires of justice will prevail,
The end is coming,
I have fallen so many times,
I feel the guilt of failure,
I love Him with all of my heart,
Why can people not see the truth,
He died for you and me, why can you not see?
How can people hate, how can anyone hate,
God forgive us.

About Daniel Silas
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