My God

Who are you, you who know only hate,
What do you know of my God?
The diseased water flows from you
Putrid mouth of death, stealing all things,
If you do not realize the pain you cause,
The words you speak are excrement,
Blasphemer of my God who you
Know nothing about, His sacrifice,
You only speak for shock,
A cross of wood, nails of iron,
Ripped open back from the scourge,
Hanging from those spikes, torn,
Struggling for every breath every moment
To release us from the existence of death,
His scalp was pierced by that
Crown of thorns, the bruises of
His face swelled, bleeding cuts.

Excruciating pain, in our place,
The death we would suffer for
The evil in our hearts that keep us
From our creator, all from our God,
His love, my heart can feel for
I can also forgive you for the words
You utter in that dark voice of ignorance,
The light that shines from His
Eyes and heart wash away my anger,
He knows, He hears, He walks close,
And when I cannot walk He carries me,
This spirit of God, dwells within,
Do you know what and which you speak?
Have you read that which you
Hate and despise, when have
You really understood the pages
Of that word which offers
Only hope, love, happiness, and forgiveness?

My love and life in Jesus grow
Everyday when I search for the
Real truth, the precious truth
Of my God, my redeemer that
Gave up everything for me, for us,
The dust on the street lays dormant

Until the breeze comes, blowing
The dirt into a billowing cloud
Stealing the water from my life,
The rain is like the life giving word
Of my God after a drought of
A hundred years, the diamonds of this world
Are not worthy of being the rings
On his fingers, or silk being
His shirt, I am not divine
As so many try to inject with dirty needles,
Only Jesus can save us from ourselves.

About Daniel Silas
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