The Battle

Why do I have this confusion?
Where does it stem?
I am full of bloody holes,
the bullets pierced my body,
the enemy mocks me in my
weakened state of existence,
the smoke rises from the barrel
of his gun.
Am I defeated?
What is this defeat?
The air smells of dirt and blood,
the battle is fierce and vicious,
the hordes of the enemy well up
around us in the blackness
ripping us with their burning
steel and fire.
Where are you my Captain?
Where are you my King?
We stumble through the darkness,
looking about, brothers have fallen,
friends lost, family gone,
why am I blinded, confusion reigns,
then I notice the hands over my eyes,
and the whispering in my ear.
Has the beast set upon me?
Spreading his lies in my mind?
Someone pulls the hands away,
then I see You, brighter than Sol,
You have already crossed the field,
behind the enemy lines You traveled,
alone and with one act,
the enemy is defeated.
Your light shines out in the shadows,
the enemies soldiers shutter
as they behold their general
defeated and bowed at your feet,
Your strength comes to us,
my wounds are healed,
by your authority we are renewed,
and we have the Victory!

About Daniel Silas
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