The Presence

Floating on the warm waves,
my flesh grows around me,
I can hear the sound of a voice,
my dreams drift to places never seen,
through the images I can feel you,
I hear you whispering in my ear,
telling me of your love and peace,
as the light shines down on me
I reach out to you.
You have always been there,
whispering to me,
comforting me, giving me peace,
when did I forget to listen
to your voice, when did I forget
your presence in the cool
of the morning hours?
Father, bring me near,
hold me in your embrace,
let your love wash over me
in this wicked hour,
reborn, I can again hear your voice,
whispering to me,
through my spirit I can touch you,
always be with me, my Father,
be my strength when I am weak,
carry me when I cannot walk,
my heart cries out to you,
one of your children,
I love you.

About Daniel Silas
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