What I want

What I want to happen many times
is not what occurs, your love shines
into me, even when I cannot lift
my eyes, your hand lifts my chin
in my despair, you give me joy
and replaced misery with happiness,
I want my mouth to be full of your
praises, full of your truth and word,
I want my mind to think on you,
my eyes filled with your light,
I want my to be clothing in your power,
serving, doing, and being the man you
want me to be, following you in my life,
I want to praise you for
what you have done for me,
I do not know who I used to be.

When you made me new, when you
changed my heart, when you lifted
me out of myself, I held to you,
I died to myself, I died to my
life, for I have given everything
into your hands, mold me my God,
my failures haunt me, putting me in despair,
I hate the darkness in this corrupted flesh,
I want to be good, I want to be like my God,
I want to be perfect, close to you,
what I want to happen seems to
not occur, slipping through my fingers,
Fight for me, my Lord, for you are my shepherd,
pick me up, my King, for you are my father,
teach me, my Life, for you are my guidance,
help me be strong, my Strength, for you are my energy,
I cry to you, hear my only real desire!

About Daniel Silas

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