Looking for Redemption

You woke me with the touch
of your Spirit, pulling me from my
walk in the sea of lost dreams,
I could hear my Spirit singing to you,
crying out to you, holding on to your
presence, I slid out from under
my blankets and held to you,
clothed in my own filth,
this flesh attempts to overwhelm,
this body, corruptible and mortal,
it causes more grief than joy,
these members of darkness spill
their blackness over my head,
how can I ever overcome
the thoughts that I can hardly control,
my emptiness in constant pain.

You are my King, My Lord,
through your flaming love you
have come to me, in my separation,
you reached out and touched
this filthy creature, taking my hand,
when they pierced you, the one
who should have been there was
not yet born, thousands of years before,
instead of these nails in my hands
and feet, they were driven in yours,
by taking my place, under the whip,
under the thorns, and on the tree
you reached out to me, taking my hand,
pulling me from my separation,
bringing me to you, your blood pours
over me, through it I have been
reborn, a new spirit encased in corruption.

Lord Jesus, I yearn for my
redemption, I hunger for it,
I burn for it with tears,
how I want to be freed from
this flesh of death,
with all its desires, needs, and compulsions,
take these members of darkness from me,
cast it away, put in me your heart,
put in me your thoughts and love,
cloth me in your righteousness,
for I have become aware of my weaknesses,
Lord, you molded me, created me,
I am your child, to be with you,
let your voice be in my mind, see your eyes,
to see your smile, to hear you talk,
I want to laugh with you and learn from you,
my head is lifted, looking for my redemption.

About Daniel Silas

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