My Father

Oh Lord, what power thrives
in the mighty hands that shapes this clay,
that molds and adds,
removes what you may,
making the pot as it stands,
turning on your wheel in your hands.

Father, my heart is heavy,
overwhelmed by words,
words of sharp emotion,
motivated by harsh notions,
and trouble that boils in darkness,
over years of burden.

The child’s tears fall,
under the heavy hand, oh Lord,
I see the child, blue eyes shining,
in the corner of naivety,
struck by harsh words of a stranger,
battered by the unending hours,
what has this child done,
only to desire love, and run,
to you, away from the wicked powers.

Forgive me, my God,
let the waters of your spirit flow,
as I jump into your ocean,
cocooned in the warm waters.
Let your currents take me,
let the waves lift me high,
washing away the anger and hate,
take away the bitter strife.

I come to you in this hour,
walking along the shores of our beach,
coming to the place of meeting,
under the star lit sky,
by the softly churning waves,
and the gentle breeze,
I can feel your mighty power,
in everything.

How many children, have wished,
for a father, who has followed you?
For only those who know your Son
can do and be what they need.
Grief, for irresponsibility,
Mourning for selfish desire
that stole the time and him from me,
the child laying in bed, crying for the one
who would not be a man
who followed you.
Never to know your leading,
hearing your word in the cool morning,
no one to guide and teach, to bring
leadership and mentoring,
But, Oh Lord, you have been my guide,
you have directed my bare feet along
the path, you have seen my desire,
you have filled it, you are my daddy,
my dad, and my father.

You are the strength of my will,
you are the mentor I never had,
you are the one who found me,
the lost child, who was floundering,
you are the one that took my small hand,
you are the one who lifted and loved me,
you are the one who has never forsaken me,
you are the father I never had.

You formed me in the womb,
knowing me and my life before.
My existence was known to you
before you set the seas in place,
the mountains on high,
or the orb of the night in space.

You, my Father, how I love you,
with everything and all in me,
I yearn to see you, to be before your eyes,
my Jesus, I call to you in this moment,
for what can touch me, or my brothers and sisters,
when you place your hands around us.
Lord, “we love you” is our cry,
before the congregation we praise you,
in front of the wicked we declare you,
in trouble and trials we cling to you,
in times of plenty and famine we thank you.

What a loving and magnificent God
who indwells us with His Spirit,
that cares for us and will never forsake
those who follow Him.
Oh Lord, return your love and peace,
your joy and strength to my heart,
let your will be done for all
who call on your name!

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