Moment of Redemption

How I desire to hear you call,
to hear the sound of the trumpet roll
across the mountains in the fall,
with the tree’s fluttering leaves,
yellow and brown drifting down
to the leaf covered ground,
in the rolling plains and hills.

In that moment, when all has come,
the promises to those who trust in you,
will hear your voice, and lift our chins,
with the Spirit drying the sin like dew,
in the light of a blazing fire, with some,
the corruption will evaporate from us, anew,
like a new born butterfly, free and strong,
we will like lightning disappear,
leaving only a ghostly vanishing image,
of our existence in this world that knows only damage
and violence, and will hate when you appear.

That ghostly image, like a glance at the sun,
or a flash from lightning on the horizon,
we will be free and soar, into the heavens,
there we will see you, in majesty and power,
oh how I yearn to see you in that hour!

Your Spirit, a gift, for all eternity,
will change this flesh to incorruptibility,
that which perishes, will no more perish,
and we will be imbued with your infinite nature,
blood like burning hot power,
with all the intellect of our Creator,
what could be sweeter?

The wicked hunger for power and wealth,
they deceive, position, and claw upward,
how they smile and flatter, yet they are cowards,
only bent on what can fulfill their evil lusts,
yet all they will taste will be sour.

Real power, real riches, these are not
that which perishes and returns to dust,
what is this life, what is a fortune?
Those without, suffer in slavery to receive,
those with suffer slavery in greed,
gold and property, one rust the other rots,
why ride a old horse that only trots,
or cook good food in rusted pots?

Find the true riches, the true fortune
like a white horse that gallops,
running with wind and power of God’s Spirit,
never tiring, never slowing down,
The Spirit of the Lord is all that we need,
it is that which is like a seed,
a seed that burst forth from its shell,
a tree, growing strong and lifting its fruit,
from the barren, mute ground.

Then at that moment when Jesus calls,
that same Spirit will do His work,
This dead shell will split, a new creation
will shoot forth, free from the laws
of this universe that restrains,
there will be no condemnation,
or sin to continue to leave its stain!

Praise the mighty name of our God,
lift the majesty of Jesus in splendor,
for all that He has done and given,
to those who have simply striven,
to trust and follow Him, stricken
by the truth of our sinful ways.
With the roaring of the lion,
and the gentleness of a dove,
let the truth be cried from every corner,
and ever knee bow to Christ,
forever crying truth for Him above!

About Daniel Silas
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