Cowardice and Courage

Living with spiders, insects,
snakes, and creeping things,
the lizards crawl from my feet
to the top of my head.

Their fangs and stingers
break my flesh with precision,
the pain seems to linger,
each moment wickedness remembered.

Their little faces, familiar,
laughing and mocking,
human beasts with gleaming razors,
slicing my heart with wrathful talking.

Looking about, inside and out,
there is no one, who is there to be?
Who will lift their voice in outcry,
who will stand with me!

Their fallen faces,
they are weak and passive,
broken, whose enslaved spirits, captured,
the stasis of willful blindness and liquor.

Come, drink your fill, disappear
into the fog of your sinful smear,
refuse to listen, refuse to see,
destroy the remaining trust, a lost silver key.

So many have severed,
the bonds of brotherhood shared,
with disdain, loving the blackness,
loving their evil, they no longer care.

Who is faithful?
Who is trustworthy?
Who never disappoints,
or spurns a brother’s hand?

The light of His truth,
is a beacon to the downtrodden,
to those in pieces,
to those rent by cowardice, forgotten.

There is only one mentor,
One who is loyal and always there,
No one else guides, no one else strives,
no one to find or share.

Looking about, inside and out,
none have taken courage!
Who will lift their voice in outcry,
who will face the beast with me!

Where are the courageous?
Where are friends?
Where are those sworn
to trust until the very end?

With voice raised to the heavens,
the might and faithfulness
of the One, the only One,
who can be trusted without fear.

By the strength of His courage,
by the power of His hands,
He upholds those who love Him,
and declares the Truth that stands!

Repent! Repent of your evil!
Turn from the horror of your hearts,
the bloated lies and seared flesh,
His wrath is not far but near!

Who will stand with me without fear?

About Daniel Silas
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