In the Dust

Simply my heart cries
to You precious Jesus,
in the shadow of death
our corrupt flesh sighs
of exhaustion of yearning
for freedom, for redemption.

You, my Savior, my Master,
when will the time bend
and space be shorn,
a door in heaven wide and torn,
and the call of the desire
for believers to be restored?

The wickedness, the flesh,
I would tear it from my bones,
I would rip it apart, to destroy
the evil, with hatred and wrath,
the pain and suffering felt.

The creaking of old joints,
the dieing fire of youth,
the loss of simple vitality,
winding down like a blue
and green top, spinning on a
vast space of expiring dew,
waiting for the dry ground to crack,
to split and find the black
depths of unknown places,
and an end to all races.

Almost flying, fast as lightning,
driving in this race of races,
I see an empty track before,
and empty track after,
and nothing in the way
to reach the line of finishing,
empty lanes, so many say,
only me in my way.

To love and be loved,
to grip wrist with my brothers,
working as one, in design, by
the will of the Anointed One.

Why is it cold here at times?
Why do some ignore?
Why do some castigate?
Why do some hate?
Why do some wag a tongue
in the shadows of secrecy?
Are we not brothers, soldiers
side by side, fighting for each
one, standing back to back?

Puncture our hearts, oh Lord,
remove the diseased cysts from
our hearts, the selfishness, the pride,
the fighting, and the lies,
pour us out, break us on stones,
do what it takes, show us the truth
of our existence, open our eyes,
lift the stupor of stupidity
plaguing our meager lives,
dirt, only dust, all of us
are but dust! Driven by the Wind!

The desire to be loved,
to love as brothers, in trust,
in peace, in Your power,
The rock of Your strength,
the will of our Father,
Lord, let your love crush
all bitterness, jealousy,
petty trivial thoughts,
end deceit, end the plans,
end the pompous shows.

Remind us Lord of Your will,
reveal the vastness of Your Kingdom,
let us be concerned in others,
let us wash the feet of our brothers,
Your will our ultimate desire,
put us in our places, lead us
in Your direction, on our faces,
whether in the spinning waters,
the lone moments of diligent
unending labor, in hidden tears,
in dripping sweat, in aching
backs or raw hands,
let us serve You,
let us be Your slave,
though our worthiness
does not allow us to
even touch the sole
of Your pierced feet.

Let Your will be done,
Heal this fevered mind,
Let our tears turn to joy,
Let us love in You,
As we worship You,
As You shine in Your glory.

About Daniel Silas
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