The Order of Salvation

Hi Pastor (redacted),

In the order of salvation, which was the key issue during my affiliation process, I have come to believe that regeneration occurs before a person will ever accept Christ.  The whole mass of humanity rejects God, and it is only when God takes out that heart of stone and puts in the heart of flesh that a man will ever desire Him.  Prior to that a man is a slave of sin, the devil, death and a child of wrath.  After regeneration a man can accurately see and follow Christ.  How else can it be when regeneration, repentance, faith, the drawing, the enabling, the predestination, the choosing, the justifying, sanctifying, the keeping, and glorifying are all God’s work and gifts.  God is the one who starts a good work in us, and He will be faithful to complete it.

Please do understand that I believe men can either choose or reject Jesus.  That is their choice after all, and no one is there forcing the choice.  Men will do whatever they desire, and they are free to do what they determine to do.  Evil men will desire evil and that is what they do, even though they have the ability to choose what is right.  Though men will never follow or accept Jesus unless God intervenes in their lives, which He has done in the elect, Christ’s sheep.

We are attending (redacted ) Church here in (redacted), and it is a good church.  I do miss the verse-by-verse system of teaching God’s Word, but they do teach the Word, though its topically.

Thank you for your prayers, and please continue to pray for me.  God has my heart, so if I am wrong in my beliefs pray that He will make things clear to me.

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