Good News

Hi there… I wanted to share some good news with all of my family and friends. I do so because I love each and everyone of you.

At one time in my life I was a man who lived in sin and darkness. In God’s eyes I am a sinner. I broke His law and deserve His wrath and punishment for what I have done. What did I do wrong? I rejected God and His Word, and I hurt other people in my life. I did whatever I wanted, was very self centered, and selfish.

God declared at the beginning of time that the punishment for disobedience to His Word would be death and destruction. The bad news is we have all disobeyed His Word. God is a God of righteousness and holiness. He hates sin and will punish sinners eternally for their sin.

The Good News is God is also a God of love and grace. He designed a way to find mercy and forgivness before Him. Jesus, who is the Christ, died for sinners on the cross, and whoever believes and follows Him live in God’s grace, mercy, and forgiveness.

What does God command? He is God and He has that right since we are His creation. He commands us to repent of our sin. That means to turn away from it and follow Him. Go and sin no more. The second part to that is to believe in Christ and follow Him. If you want that, believe in your heart and confess it with your mouth.

Pray this:
“God, I am a sinner and deserve your wrath and punishment. I believe in Jesus and ask that you would please forgive and save me. Fill me with your Holy Spirit and help me to live my life for you.”

Send me an email and let me know if you do that. I’d be happy to pray with and for you. We can talk about these things anytime, and I will help you anyway I can.

Live a life pleasing to God from now on.

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  1. david santos says:

    Hello, Daniel!I loved this post and this blog.Have a nice day

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