Some Things…

Original Date: August 5, 2007

Today, I was discussing with my special lady some things I would like to do. This list is in no particular order.

1) be the best Dad ever

2) go to culinary school

3) go to film school

4) go to graduate seminary where among other things I would learn Greek and Latin

5) change my middle and last name. not sure about the middle just yet.

6) have a martial arts school

7) play multiple instruments and write music

8) of course finish my CISCO and Microsoft certifications

9) buy an XBOX 360 so I can play Halo 3 when it comes out on September 25

10) travel to Israel and tour the land

11) learn to program in multiple comp languages

12) take voice lessons

13) learn to dance with a partner (ballroom, salsa etc)

14) finish all the stories in multiple formats (novels, screen plays etc) floating around in my head

15) get my graduate degree in Management Information Systems

16) be in the best, top physical shape ever

17) above all else, serve Christ and be the faithful servant in all things that He has called me to be


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