Ideas Stolen

Original Date: February 24, 2007

Half Popped Popcorn Kernels!

I often think it is really funny when I have an idea for something and then go out years later and see someone had the same idea. In the past, I often talked about the above product as a snack line. Well, I went to Silver Dollar City in Missouri last fall and found the exact thing I had been thinking about. The company started out in 1992.

A Gladcorn Brand: Amaizing Corn Snack Maiz Tostado

They even come in different flavors, and its tasty.

Exploding Man

Yup… another great idea taken and used by someone else. I think it was my junior year in High School when I wrote and illustrated a short comic book called by the above name.

It was the same time Bart N drew Captain Curious (a great comic that I wish continued…)

Well, I’ve been watching Heroes and lo and behold a character that can explode. The character just somehow developed this power, my Exploding Man was a result of Nazi experimentation in the 40s against captured soldiers.

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