Summer 2007 Thoughts

Original Date: July 13, 2007

Hello there. This summer has been nice. The temperatures have been mild in June and July because of all the rain here in the mid-west. Its been good except the grass grows like a bunch of magical bean stalks. Try mowing it with a twenty year old, beat up non-catching mower with no exit flap and see how you like it.

Movie Reviews:

Spider Man 3: poor, Spidey should have went squish when Sandman was hammering him. That would have made the movie excellent. I did not know Spidey was indestructible. If a twenty ton mountain of sand and concrete can’t smash him like a bug, I don’t know what could defeat him.

Shrek 3: poor, low quality story and Shrek’s magnified face the whole time on the screen got old really fast. I felt like vomiting quite a number of times.

Pirates: okay, could have been a lot better. Some very corny dialogue and scenes. A lot of confusion and story telling was very subtle (too much so for the slow of mind). Keira was fantastic in it though.

Fantastic Four: poor, lowsy story. Surfer was cool until they started interacting with him and he changed his mind on a whim.

Evan Almighty: funny and light hearted. I was really surprised when Evan told the big bad politician to “repent.” He should have said it with more passion and some hand motion. lol Other than the bad theology, it was good. I surprised myself that I even went to see it.

A Mighty Heart: okay, not very interesting. Too many cell phones, and the grief scene was stupid and forced.

Transformers: cool if you are not an old school fan. Too many humans, not enough robots time wise. Maybe they should have named it Human and Robot Lackies.

Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix: good. The actors and actresses did really good. Battle scene between Dumbledore and Voldemort should have been longer, but it was good. The movie should have been at least three hours long. I felt like I was watching a slide show of the book. Same with Goblet.

Nothing else warranted a trip to the theater. Some of the films put out this summer would be best used as… well… Maybe August will surprise me, but I kind of doubt it. The special trailer of JJ Abrams new movie coming out in January was cool (showing before Transformers) until the head of the statue of liberty landed on screen. I almost shot sprite out of my nose due to writing stupidity. That really detracted from the effect because it was so cliche. The idea over all looks really good. A monster movie shot in the Blair Witch style will be great.

I will not go see the Simpson’s Movie because of the outright disrespectful shot at Christianity when Homer is looking through the Bible and says, “This book doesn’t have any answers!” That is what drove me away from watching the television show in the first place. I’m glad that was in the preview, so I don’t go waste my money.

The media doesn’t care what Christians think when they do that kind of thing because they know they can get away with it. Christianity teaches turn the other cheek and peace. If they did that to the Koran they would be targeted for attack and execution. The Muslims don’t take that kind of attack on their faith and “prophet.” And you can see the media stays away from doing that to them. That really shows the difference between Christianity and Islam.

Jesus told us to pray for our enemies and those who persecute us. Muslims would have a day of rage and burn some Homer dolls, American and Israeli flags, chant “Death to Homer!”, and issue some death warrants against some Fox executives and Simpson’s staff. But, according to our politicians Islam is a peaceful religion. Okay.

So I’ve been busy studying for my Microsoft and CISCO testing that I’m doing to get certified. That is coming along well, and I am hoping to have my MCSA soon. I’ll get my CCNA before the soon after, and hopefully my MCSE not long after that. Work is going well, and the family is doing good.

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