Fence, Lions, Sand, Wolverine, and Vulcans

Been a while since I’ve posted an update. Things are going. A sun rises, and a sun sets. Each day passes. Before you know it, many have come and gone. I had a new fence built for my house. For some reason, no one ever built one. The neighbors all have fences. I decided to enclose the property. The front is wood privacy, the rest matches the neighbor fences. Its very nice having some privacy for the back yard.

Last weekend I was able to go see The Lion King production in Oklahoma City. I thought that it was really well done. We had great seats too. The first broadway production I saw was Phantom of the Opera. That show really blew me away. This one had some really amazing costumes and the music was very well done. It was time well spent in my opinion. I celebrated my nine year anniversary that weekend.

I decided to read Dune by Frank Herbert recently. Far different than any film adaptions I have seen. I think its a good story, but I am only half way through so far. We will see if its the “great classic” that people have claimed.

A while back I decided to begin reading some older science fiction. I have the first book in Isaac Asimov’s Foundation series. The Starship Troopers book, which I read, and Ender’s Game by Orson Scott Card. Ender’s Game was really good and I bought the second novel in the series. It is interesting to see the development of science fiction and the impact older stories have had on new ones.

Seen some summer movies as well this month.

Wolverine actually was good. I didn’t think I would like it, but it turned out to be descent. Its a shame he lost his memory, which I think was really a weak point in how it happened and why. I really liked how Wolverine and his brother were really old and had been around for so long.

The new Star Trek film was descent. It wasn’t great and it wasn’t bad. I liked some of it and I didn’t like others. I liked all the actors they had playing the young roles of the original cast. I liked some of the updated reimaging that was done. I didn’t like the Enterprise engine room or the nacelles. The overall story was predictable and repetitive. Kirk was a little overboard on the arrogance. I didn’t like that. The acting was quite good, and there were a number of good humorous lines. Though, I didn’t like how Kirk went suddenly from cadet to Captain. That was rushed and unrealistic.

I rented Astronaut Farmer recently. Its not a summer movie, but I thought it was very well done if you are looking for a good flick to enjoy.

Live long and prosper.

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