Oklahoma to Texas

Made the move from Tulsa, Oklahoma down to Houston, Texas. It was a long 8 days full of fun packing, loading, driving, unloading, and some minor injuries. My ankle is still recovering from the experience. haha Thankfully, I had a lot of good Christian brothers and sisters help me out at both ends of the trip. Indispensable help and I appreciate what they did for me beyond expression.

There will be a lot I will miss about Oklahoma. I will miss the rolling green hills, green pastures, small town community, and the four very defined seasons. It was very nice having a shorter summer with the occasional cool front in late July and August. I’ll miss Quick Trip and Taco Bueno. Of course, I will really miss my few family members and my friends that I made while living there.

I lived in the Houston area most of my life. A couple of years outside Ft. Worth as a kid with my Dad. Then the last five years in Tulsa. So now I’m back to the Houston area. I am glad I am in the Katy area now on the west side. I wouldn’t have wanted to move back to the east or south side of Houston.

In the Dragonlance Chronicles, the companions had gone their separate ways for five years. I went out on my own for the same amount of time. So now when I see friends and family here, I think about that meeting of friends from that beloved story that I enjoyed growing up. Now I understand.

God had a plan for me living in this area most of my life. He had a plan when I stayed with my Dad in Granbury those two years as a kid. He had a plan for my life in moving to Tulsa for five years. And I know He has a plan for my life bringing me back to the Houston area. He determines the times and the places we live (Acts 17:26-27). And we may plan in our heart where we want to go, but He directs our steps (Proverbs 16:9).

So I spent last week working and getting settled. This week I’m continueing the trend of working and unpacking. Getting acclamated to my surroundings and making sure everything is good to go.

My first Friday back in Texas, I attended a high school foot ball game. It was a sold out, standing room only event. Had to hike in from outside the stadium grounds for parking.

I watched Katy High School Tigers play against the Galena Park North Shore Mustangs. It was a great game and very close. Katy ultimatly won, breaking a 10 year winning streak by North Shore. They had won a consectuive 78 games or something in the regular season for a decade now. So the Mustangs now hold the state record by 6 games I believe.

The best part was getting to watch the game with my chosen brother. He is an administrator in the Galena Park district. So I had to cheer on the Mustangs this time. Been a long time since we have had the opportunity to have our families eat dinner and enjoy some entertainment.

This past Sunday I visited a church in my local area. It appears to be a good church, and we enjoyed the service. The best part is I found out that theologically, I am on the same page. Maybe this will be our new church home. As long as the congregation and the leadership love Jesus first, it will be a good place. Second, as long as the Word of God is taught in its entirety and believed, its a winner in my book. And it looks like I was even on the same page as the worship, genuine relationships, and church government.

I’m praying for a good place. I do find it interesting this just so happened to be the first place we visited. Especially since we didn’t know anything about it. We have a couple of friends that attend too.

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