Asaf Ramon

ABC News: Asaf Ramon killed at 21

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Haaretz: Nation Mourns Asaf Ramon

Asaf Ramon was one of my students when I was a teacher back in 2003. I remember the day that the space shuttle Columbia broke up on reentry with his father onboard. My heart broke for this young man. He was a good student and a good boy. I was so happy to see the success he had attained, and my heart breaks over the tragic loss of his young life. I grieve deeply with his family and all of Israel.

I often became attached to my students because of the subject I taught, which allowed me the opportunity to really get to know my kids. Asaf was a happy young man, always had a smile on his face, exceled in my class, and we often talked about Israel and his father’s journey into space. Students like him made being a teacher and having a chance to make an impact on young lives worth while.

It was easy to mirror his excitement and enthusiasm about his father. I had worked in the space field prior to being a teacher, had grown up wanting to be an astronaut, loved everything about space exploration, and I love Israel. It was exciting to see that first hand. I remember talking with Asaf when he was leaving to fly to Florida with his family. And I saw him after that tragedy.

I knew that he would be a leader and excel in his life. I was so proud that he graduated at the top of his class and earned his wings. I wrote him a letter when he left to return to Israel encouraging him to reach for great things and be a blessing to his country.

I even had the opportunity to discuss Yeshua, the Messiah, with him.

Asaf grew from a boy into a good man from what I can see of his life, and an example for young people to follow. I had the opportunity as a teacher to be part of a young and promising life through the heights of joy and the fires of tragedy. I will always remember Asaf. He was a special young man.

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