Evolution: A Religion

Commenting on Ben Stein’s Expelled recently:

I enjoyed the film, and I like Ben Stein.

Darwinian macro Evolution is bunk, its a cracked paradigm that only holds together because dogmatic scientists and evolution believers don’t have anything better to explain our existence/origins.

The proper thing to do would be to start the Dawinian Religion, it has about enough “proof” as the New Age space alien seeding earth religion.

Question: What is a better way to explain it?

Explanation? Well, the things NOT to do, in finding an explanation, is to commit fraud, manipulate facts and findings, distort analysis and intepretation of facts, have a closed mind, and persecute/mock dissenting opinions. Attacking other views with baseless claims and empty arguments too is something not to do. All examples of problems in the Evolution/Scientific community. Oh yeah, same in Climate Change science too.

Its really sad that the ones in power always do that, no matter who it is.

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