Karaite Jews – Zola Levitt

Judaism has sects just like Christians and Muslims.  One sect is called Karaites.  They are Jewish believers in the Hebrew scriptures (Old Testament) who believe the scripture and reject the oral traditions of the Rabbis’ known as the Talmud. 

Nehemia Gordon was interviewed by Zola Levitt.  Zola was a Messianic Jewish believer who believe that Jesus Christ is the Jewish Messiah just as all Christians do.  He passed away back in 2006.

All of this interview is interesting, but I found it especially interesting when they talk about the Jewish Rabbis, Christian Priests, and Islamic Imams teaching about scripture and telling the people that they must believe their teaching.  So many similarities.

Part 1

Part 2
Part 3
Part 4

Karaite Judaism (@ Wikipedia)

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