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The City of David & The Temple (Bob Cornuke)

The location of the Temple of Solomon and 2nd Temple is a very important subject, which I have found interesting for some time.  I take the position based on the historical and archaeological evidence that the current “Temple Mount” complex … Continue reading


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The True Location of the Jewish Temples

Good video (not exhaustive) concerning the true location of the Jewish temples featuring Bob Cornuke.  The temples were connected to the City of David.  The traditional “Temple Mount” was actually Fort Antonia that housed the Romans. Like always, man made … Continue reading

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Did Paul Write the Entire New Testament?

I saw a post on Facebook that included a video called “Proof of the Divine Origin of Judaism.”  Vid here.  While I do agree there is proof of the divine origin of Judaism (after all Yeshua is the Jewish Messiah … Continue reading

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The History of Judaism and Christianity (Andrew Gabriel Roth)

I don’t necessarily agree with all of Andrew’s points, but I think this is some very interesting information.

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Rabbi Yitzhak Kaduri: The Messiah is Yeshua (Jesus)

Israel Today reprint of article from April 2007 here. I remember when Rabbi Kaduri passed away and that he had left a note that was sealed and to be opened a year later.  I never found out the result.  Of course … Continue reading

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2013 Feast of Trumpets

Feast of Trumpets. September 5-6, 2013 CST: Wednesday 9/4 10:59AM – Friday 9/6 10:57AM (8 hours behind Israel) New Moon begins in Jerusalem on Thurs 9/5 2:37PM. 6:37AM CST.

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12th-Century Rabbi Predicted Israel’s Future

“‘The Bible should be our standard for prophecy and interpretation of prophetic  events,’ said Joseph Farah, editor and founder of WND, upon learning of Judah  Ben Samuel’s predictions in Israel Today. ‘But one cannot ignore what this 12th-century rabbi said and … Continue reading

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Jews for Jesus: Interview with David Brickner & Susan Pearlman

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Karaite Jews – Zola Levitt

Judaism has sects just like Christians and Muslims.  One sect is called Karaites.  They are Jewish believers in the Hebrew scriptures (Old Testament) who believe the scripture and reject the oral traditions of the Rabbis’ known as the Talmud.  Nehemia … Continue reading

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