Genesis 1:1-2

1 In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth. (NKJV)

The impact of this one scripture on every individual human being that has ever lived is staggering. There is something more to this existence than just birth, life, and death. There is God. The way we see our life, the world, and everything around us will be influenced by this text if we believe it. We can understand from this that life is a gift from God, and He created all things. We are not alone.

Who and what is God? At this point in the text of scripture, God is not a physical
creature, but a being of unlimited power, unlimited knowledge, and unlimited presence.
He is a non-physical being that we cannot truly understand without Him revealing Himself to us because we have and are focused on our physical existence.

The Bible is a progressive revelation that God makes of Himself to the creatures He has created. By the end of the New Testament we know a tremendous amount more about God than we do at the very beginning of Genesis. The Bible was inspired and actively composed by God through many different human authors (44) over a period of 1500 years (2 Timothy 3:16, 2 Peter 1:21). To answer the question on “Who is God?” we would move toward examining the person of Jesus Christ.

Any other idea on the origins of life cannot co-exist with this statement. Either
God created everything or He did not. That is plain and simple. The information given
on creation in Genesis details a far different picture to us than what some in the scientific
community express in this particular time in history. That will become clear as we
examine the text of this first chapter of Genesis.

When was the beginning? There really is no way to tell exactly since we cannot
climb in a time machine and travel back to the point in time where God created. God is
outside of time since it is a creation itself, and God is not bound by it. Plus, time is
relative, so it will pass differently depending on where a person lives in the universe.
Time is affected by gravity and mass. It is a complex subject, and further information
can be found by studying the Theory of Relativity expressed by Albert Einstein. All
reasonable persons agree that there was a beginning and it occurred billions of years ago
from the position of the Earth.

What was before the beginning? The simple answer to that is God, so before the
universe existed there was God. It will be interesting to find out what God was doing
before He created this material universe. The Bible teaches that God has always existed.
God had no beginning and He has no end. That is very difficult for temporal, linear
creatures to understand.

At some point before the universe was created, God determined He would create.
He also knew everything and determined everything that would occur because of His first
act of creating. God has a plan and a purpose for His creation. We know parts of His
plan and purpose, but trying to discern the ultimate purpose of God in creating the
universe and us is a bit more complex. Then in His time and by His will the universe
came into existence.

Notice that God created the heavens and the Earth at this point. All of the energy
and matter in the universe came into existence and God formed them into the billions of
galaxies, stars, planets, and all of the astronomical bodies that now exist. All of this
occurred before God began His work during the “seven” days of creation on the Earth.
How long did it take from the moment the universe exploded into existence until God’s
Spirit came to the Earth? That is a question for Him.

2 The earth was without form, and void; and darkness was on the face of the deep. And
the Spirit of God was hovering over the face of the waters. (NKJV)

I see God as a great, infinite, creative artist. When a person looks around at the
unlimited variety and beauty of creation, how else can we view God? The beauty of
color, depth, and variety is astounding.

Notice that God created the heavens and the earth in verse 1. In verse 2, the Spirit
of God is hovering over the face of the waters. So the elements of the universe and our
local solar system were already present by this point.

The Earth was without form, and it was void of light, life, and anything else we
know. It was like an empty canvas waiting for the Great Artist to begin His work. We
do know it had one thing. The Earth was covered in water. God chose to use all of the
existing chemical elements to construct His creation.

Then we see the Spirit of God hovering above the face of the Earth and the waters
that covered it. I believe but it is not necessary to do so, that God physically manifested
Himself at this point. The reason I think it is a physical manifestation is the scene
appears to be a third dimensional image. God is physically hovering above the waters,
which leads me to believe that He is at a certain, physical elevation.

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