Note to Hollywood & Media

I’ve been seeing stories in the news about how Hollywood and media executives are making plans on how to capitalize on the vast Christian audience in the US.  Massive successes like The Passion of the Christ and The Bible are tempting to try to duplicate.  Both of these productions were borderline acceptable.  I hear the new Noah film has troubled the religious audiences that have seen it.

One such news story about the attempt to cash in on Christian audiences is here.

Listen up Hollywood and media types.  Anything you make (with a Christian audience in mind) that deviates from the Bible, presents so called scholars (ridiculous) to deny what the Bible teaches, or attack the Christian faith in some way are going to be utter and complete failures.  You will lose your money and forget about it until someone else actually makes something good that Christians want to see.

I’m happy to consult.

Note: 7th Heaven was real popular, but many Christians stopped watching it because even though the father was a pastor there was no mention of Jesus anywhere.  If the characters can’t talk about Jesus or pray in Jesus’ name you might as well forget about it.  He is the focus and most important aspect of our faith.

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