Noah’s Ark – The Smithsonian and National Geographic 1968 (Part 2)

As I said in part one on this subject, I got interested in doing some research on Noah’s Ark in regard to the Smithsonian Institute, the National Geographic Society, and this story after reading Micah Hank’s article and how the Smithsonian has been involved in covering up important findings.  The Ark story has lingered in my mind since I first read it, so I decided to look into it, and I want to publish my findings.  I decided to start with the key witness.  More to come in Part 3.

David Duckworth

In the process of my research, I found a couple of more interviews and information about Duckworth conducted by Robin Simmons, David T. Hill, and Bruce L Gerig.  I have provided the information below in their original, unaltered state.  I do not necessarily agree or disagree with the original author notes, thoughts, or statements.  I include them for reference and preservation.

Robin Simmons (Source site)

“The following are notes of a story recently retold to me by David Duckworth, who was about 18 when he worked as a volunteer at the Smithsonian Institution when something extraordinary may have happened. The current whereabouts of “Al Merrick” (sp?) are unknown. If he’s still alive, we would like to locate him and give him an opportunity to, perhaps, set the record straight.”

– Robin Simmons

(Begin Duckworth’s statement)

“In the fall of 1968 a friend and I were employed in the vertebrate paleontology section of the Smithsonian Institution under the direction of Robert Geist and Al Merrick (sp?).

“After we had been there about a month, several crates were delivered to our section which seemed to cause quite a bit of interest among the directors.

“So they went ahead and opened ’em, up and took out several artifacts like old wood and some old style tools and things like that. And they had some photographs, which I went over and looked at, arranged on a table which had been taken from a balloon, they told me. Showing a ship like object down in some ice.

“So I took a look at them, and talked some, and I was told it was Noah’s Ark. And I looked at the artifacts and that was the general impression I got at the time — that they’d found it.

“Later, a friend and I were going to lunch and we passed the loading dock on our way to the cafeteria and we saw a couple crates marked: “MT ARARAT — National Geographic / Smithsonian Expedition.” And that’s what everybody was talking about for three or four days. That’s all you heard — was about this thing they found, you know, Noah’s Ark, they’d identified! There was quite a bit of excitement about it.

“After about five days, though, it started changing a little bit. They didn’t talk anymore. They started taking the stuff out. The questions we’d ask, they just kind of ignore us, and finally they pretty well came out and told everybody to just keep their mouth shut. Because they were having some problems at the time with some ‘religious’ groups.

“After some of my comments were published in Violet Cummings’ book Has Anyone Really Seen Noah’s Ark? I was visited at work by two men who identified themselves as FBI agents (even though I was called Daryl Davis in her book). They told me my statements were making waves at the Smithsonian. And that I had been somewhere where I shouldn’t have and seen something that didn’t concern me. They didn’t threaten me, exactly.

“Later I phoned Al Merrick (sp?) and asked him if he remembered me. He said he didn’t. When I described him as the guy who often wore a little red bow tie and pedaled his three-speed bike to work, he suddenly remembered me. I asked him some questions about all that stuff from Ararat and the Ark. He said, ‘You know, I really can’t talk about it,’ and kind of laughed.”

(End Duckworth’s statement)

The Riddle of Ararat
By Robin Simmons

In 1968, a teenager named Dave Duckworth was a volunteer worker in the Smithsonian Institution in Washington, DC. Duckworth told me that for several days that Autumn large shipping crates marked ‘Smithsonian Institution/National Geographic Ararat Expedition’ were deposited on pallets at the loading dock. A visiting specialist named Robert Geist was in charge of the material, which all went to the vertebrate paleontology wing (where Duckworth worked under the supervision of an Albert Myrick). Duckworth says he saw infra-red aerial photos, taken from an anchored balloon, that showed a boat-shaped object under the ice. He was told they had found Noah’s Ark. He saw old style tools, pottery and an alabaster sarcophagus that contained a body. He heard Geist say there were more bodies. Dave was told to keep quiet. Several years pass, sometimes Dave spoke openly about his strange Smithsonian experiences.

In 1974 – the same year as operation ‘Black Spear’ – and long after Duckworth’s story became known, two ‘FBI agents’ visited Duckworth (at a different place of employment) and warned again: “You were in a place you shouldn’t have been and saw something that doesn’t concern you.”

David T. Hill (Source site) – David Hill’s website has been removed much to my surprise.  I am glad I copied the information for my records.

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Adam’s Body in Noah’s Ark

I believed the theory of evolution that I was taught in school because I assumed that the teachers were telling me the truth based on facts. I was a little dismayed when I found out that man didn’t live at the same time as the dinosaurs, however, I didn’t lose much sleep on it or on questioning the theory.

It was around this time (1978-79) that my math teacher told me a joke. He said, “This group of scientists and geologists are digging around in the ice and they come across these two bodies frozen in the ice. Before they have a chance to get the bodies down from the ice to their laboratories for testing they know they have the bodies of Adam and Eve.” And we students were supposed to figure out how they knew, without any testing, that it was Adam and Eve.

Now over the years I had forgotten this joke, but it all came flooding back when I read a book called, The Incredible Discovery of Noah’s Ark by Charles Sellier. In one of the chapters in the book the story was told of how the National Geographic Society had retrieved a body from Noah’s Ark on Mt. Ararat, and how they had presented this body to the Smithsonian Institute for testing. One of the witnesses, David Duckworth, said that he had been told that it was Noah’s body. However, the author of the book suggested that it might be Adam’s body. As soon as I read that, the joke that my math teacher told me jumped out of my memory. I knew immediately that this was not a joke but was actually what happened.

Over the course of a couple of months I tried unsuccessfully to try and find the history of that joke to see if it had been around before the expedition in 1968. I tracked down my math teacher but he could not recall where he had heard the joke from. I also discovered that this joke had appeared in the game Mind Trap so I called the company which is based out of Canada, and the man there said he had heard it from his father but he seemed reluctant to spend the time helping me track it down. I was on the verge of giving up when I decided that I would try and locate Mr. Duckworth. I called information for…New Mexico and surprisingly was successful. The phone conversation was indeed enlightening and I have also included it here. The reader should take the time to read through the whole transcript, as it starts out kind of slow, but then picks up.

Mr. Duckworth will be designated with a ‘D’ in italics and myself with an ‘H’.


[Asked if it was ok to record the rest of phone conversation.]

D Ok. The box itself as I recall, ah, well ok right now I’m looking at my refrigerator standing over in the corner ok. That’s a two compartment refrigerator, top and bottom. It’s got the ice maker, it’s a fairly big refrigerator. Imagine a refrigerator; this refrigerator is probably at least five, its probably close to five and a half feet in all the other dimensions, carved out on one piece. Ah, what was odd was it didn’t have a top like a mummy’s sarcophagus box, but down at one end it had like a panel that slid into groves, ok that dropped; the box laying on its bottom, this would drop straight down, if you can follow what I’m talking about.

H Yeah, I think so.

D Ok like ya know the sliding part was set into groves so that it would slide down and lock. And at the top of this panel there were two holes drilled, there were two holes in the stone itself, I would think, probably put a rope through was my guess at the time.

H Rope or a pole maybe?

D Ah, I don’t know, it was two vertical holes, drilled down. I don’t know how far down in there they went but they were there.

H Did it look like it was made to view the body?

D No. No it was a solid box. It was just like an oblong piece of stone. Kinda a whitish kinda almost translucent white with, as I recall, sorta like grayish overtones in it. It was very pretty. It was real polished, you know very angular. It wasn’t chipped or busted up you know.

H What was the, there was another question I was going to ask ya. Um. Now you were told that it was made out of Alabaster later right?

D Yeah, that’s what my friend told me.

H Um. What was the other question that I was going to ask ya? Let me see. Ok, I guess that’s all the questions.

D Your best bet on this if you’re really into this sorta thing is to contact Earl Cummings’ daughter and I’m sure you can get her on information. Her last name is still Cummings and the address is on … I don’t know the street address but its … New Mexico. Gosh, if you found me, you should be able to find her.

H Yeah, I just called information. So she lives in the same town than you’re saying?

D No, she lives on the same street I do. But the deal is, Earl, his wife got real sick and was taken to California to live with her daughter and then he got real sick and was taken to a nursing home in California. Course they’re both dead now unfortunately. Ok, one of her daughters, and I’m not sure who it is, he had three daughters, have all his papers and research and films, ah, Cummings taped all these interviews with me and even filmed some of them. Ok, there’s also a guy, Renny, ah Michael Renny, who did some conversations with me, and I don’t know if you’d be able to find him. Him and Cummings had a falling out, but really if you’re interested in Noah’s ark, I really recommend you get with one of his daughters, they’ve got just file cabinets of that stuff.

H The one thing the guy pointed out. I’ll just close with this now and I’ll tell you what my story is, ah a guy in the book, they said you know that somebody, I don’t know if it was you or somebody else, they were told that it was Noah’s body. Were you ever told that?

D That sounds right, yeah. I think that’s what I was told, that it was Noah himself, supposedly.

H Now, um, the author of the book questioned that because, for a lot of reasons; I can think of several myself, but one of them is that there is supposedly an authentic tomb over in the mountains of Ararat somewhere ya know in the lowlands [Actually near Damascus].

D Yeah, I’ve heard of that. Where supposedly he was buried. I heard about that but to the best of my knowledge as I recall, what I was told, I asked my buddy about it and he said something like, “Hey, guess who we’ve got in that box?” And I said, “Who’s that?” And he said, “We think its Noah himself!” And I said, “Oh, really that’s great” or something like that, it was none of my business. Now there was some talk earlier, in the department that I was in, that this area, there had been, they found some remains of shrines ok and apparently this area had been visited after the grounding you might say. It wasn’t like just a derelict. People came back. They found foundations of houses and buildings, some pens and stuff I think. There was evidence to indicate that, well like one thing I think was like a ramp leading up to the side of this, like a stone ramp ya know? [Mentioned in the book as having been built by a father and son].

H Right, which was obviously built afterwards.

D Yeah, precisely. So at any rate that’s all I really remember. I wasn’t one of the major people involved in this. I’d get with Cummings’ daughter is who I’d get with.

H Ok. Well I guess that’s…

D What’s the name of that book? I kinda would like to read it. I’ve got a better idea. You have access to a copy machine?

H Ah, a Xerox?

D Yeah, sure. I’m only in there what one or two pages?

H That particular section ran for about two or three pages and you were mentioned in about a third of it cause they also talked to people that were working at an Air Force Base, ah, that was the other question. Were you told that it came from the National Geographic Society?

D Oh, you mean the actual expedition?

H Yeah.

D Yeah. Definitely. No doubt about that. In fact I saw the stuff when they very first brought it in. It was on the loading ramp down in the basement of the Smithsonian and it was actually marked National Geographic Ararat Expedition Sixty-eight or something like that.

H It was labeled Ararat Expedition?

D I believe so, yeah. The boxes were stamped. There was like purple stamps or purple penmanship on em but it was definitely Mount Ararat. Ya know, Ararat Expedition National Geographic.

H Ok. Yeah if you want I can xerox it and mail it to ya; is that what you were talking about?

D Yeah. If you could do that I would really appreciate it.

H Yeah. I can do that.

D Do you have my address?

H Ah, I’ve got…New Mexico.

D Ok. You got my name of course, David Duckworth [address withheld]

H Yeah. I appreciate talking to you.

D Yeah, no problem at all, anytime at all. Like I say it’s been, sixty-eight, it’s been near thirty years.

H Yeah, you look at the tv and its been like two or three of these mummies they found in the last five years. They found one on the mountains down in, ah South America, they just found another mummy…

D Yeah, the Aztec Maiden they call her?

H Yeah, and I mean whoever, whatever the body is that they have it’s gotta be pretty old. How come it’s not in the news, ya know what I’m saying? This is stuff that everybody deserves to hear.

D Well it is in the news if you look for it. I mean it’s on like the National Geographic. They had a deal just a couple of nights ago on the National Geographic special on her.

H Yeah, but what about this body that they took from Mount Ararat? You don’t hear nothing about that, and they’ve had it for thirty years.

D Well, the theory was, ya know Cummings theory was at the time was, its hard to kinda explain, I mean, well first off at the time they went in and got it they might not have been in our territory frankly.

H Right. It wasn’t. I’m convinced of that.

D It might have been like China, Chinese territory.

H Turkey, actually.

D Well Turkey, yeah same thing ok.

H Yeah.

D Now there was some missile base activity going on in that area at the time. Ah, the Smithsonian was not, well I remember the one comment I remember, in fact I think it’s in the original book, was that one of the people said, “If the religious crazies ever hear who we’ve got there’s going to be a lot of trouble and we don’t need it.” That was said, I remember that.

H Right, that quote is in the book. But the thing is that means that it’s either Noah’s body or someone else’s more important than Noah.

D It could be. I couldn’t tell you on that. This guy, this kinda former friend of mine, that’s what he told me but I don’t know if he knew frankly. He was a nobody there.

H Yeah. I don’t imagine he was allowed to see the body either unless he saw; I was interested in even if someone had seen it from a distance, even if they weren’t right up close.

D I think he’s seen it. I think they’d taken it out. I think he’d actually seen it.

H Man! Yeah but he wouldn’t be able to tell anyways.

D No. So I wouldn’t go any; I’m just saying what I was told. I mean you could speculate all day on it. But you know, who knows?

H Well, I’m trying to track it down from a different angle. I don’t know, I probably shouldn’t even tell you my theory but if you want to hear it you’ll probably think I’m crazy.

D Ok, quickly go ahead.

H All right, the guy in the book, he suggested that it might be Adam’s body.

D Yeah, ok now, I’ve heard that before , yeah. That was what Cummings thought.

H Ok, he thought that too. Ok, now have you ever heard the Adam joke?

D No, un uh.

H I’ll tell you it quickly. I heard it from my math teacher back in like seventy-eight or nine, and very quickly it’s this. These group of scientists were digging around in the ice and they came across these two bodies, and before they had a chance to get the bodies down from the ice they knew that they had Adam and Eve’s body. And the question you were supposed to figure out was how did they know?

D They don’t have navels.

H Exactly.

D Yeah. Yeah that was one of the other things about that deal. I’ve heard that.

H You’ve heard that joke?!

D No, I heard that from one of the guys at the Smithsonian.

H What do ya mean…

D Well the joke was circulating back then. That’s; I heard that joke at the Smithsonian at that time, ok.

H At that time?!

D Yeah, so…

H Had you ever heard that joke before then?

D Not till right now.

H And you probably can’t remember who it was you heard it from?

D I think it was a fellow named Geist.

H Yeah, he’s listed in the book too! Is he one of the one’s that was on the expedition to Mount Ararat? I can’t remember if he works for the Smithsonian or if he worked for the National Geographic Society.

D That I couldn’t tell ya. I only saw him a couple of days. He was one with like the photographs and everything, some of the artifacts and everything, then it just ended. It closed up real quick. This thing only lasted like maybe two days.

H Yeah, no kidding. Do you understand the significance of if its Adam’s body? A body with no navel disproves evolution and it proves instantaneous creation [creation ex nihilo – it also disproves alien cloning or seeding].

D Yeah, I don’t know. I’m not into either theory one way or another.

H I used to believe evolution cause that’s what was taught in high school, then I read some books from creationists’ point of view.

D Course there again, a body that old, man, how could you probably tell?

H Well, if it was encased in resin and it was frozen, chances are, I mean look at these mummies on the mountains. They still got skin on em, and they were exposed to the elements.

D You got a point there.

H This one was encased in resin and it was in an alabaster box and it was inside the ark which was covered with ice, chances are, for a majority of its time. Why else would that joke be circulating; I’m actually glad I told you that now. It proves that at one time; what I’m trying to do is track down this joke [Apparently I succeeded]. This joke also appears in a game, and I want to find out if that joke was ever around before this event, ya know before the sixties. If I can trace it down.

D That’s the first time I heard that joke since nineteen sixty-eight, sixty-nine.

H Really. See, I heard it from my math teacher; I’m going to call him to see where he got it from. As a matter of fact I just did call him and he wasn’t home. I gotta call him tomorrow. I’ll xerox them papers for ya.

D Actually, the original joke as I recall thinking about it was, “What’s the difference between Adam and Eve and an orange?” And orange’s have navels. That’s what I heard.

H Oh, ok, that’s a different twist to it.

D Yeah, you’ve heard of navel oranges?

H Yeah, navel oranges.

D Yeah, because there was a fellow there Al, Al Marek. He always used to bring oranges to work for lunch. He was into health and fitness. That’s where I heard it from. That’s who I heard it from.

H Al Merek?

D Yeah.


Now, the significance of this conversation didn’t really sink in until I had time to digest it and listen to it several times. David Duckworth identified the National Geographic Society as returning from Mt. Ararat with a body in an alabaster box. But extremely more important than that, he verified that a form of the Adam joke was being circulated at the Smithsonian at the exact same time that this mysterious body is delivered to them by the National Geographic Society.

One joke tells the story from the Geographic Expedition point of view where they are literally digging around in the ice, and the second tells the story from the Smithsonian point of view, who just examined the body, and both together tell the story that they have had the body of Adam for thirty years.

I would emphasize the sociological ramifications of those two jokes and the fact that one of them was started by a Smithsonian Employee. As they tell us, all legends have some basis in truth, and the same is exactly true for these two jokes.

So, think about it. How did that group of scientists prove that every women on the earth came from one woman (who they named Eve) and every man from one man? Well, that’s because they did DNA testing on Adam’s body, that’s how. Why do you suppose that there was such a push to finish the Human Gnome Project?

I actually mailed a copy of this phone conversation to the Smithsonian back in like 1997, with a $5 bill with Honest Abe on it and included a little message that “Honesty is the best Policy” because, their motto is “The Collection and defusion of Knowledge”. They sent me back the five bucks but kept the copy of the phone conversation, if that tells you anything.

So, after this I did a little research and found out several interesting points. I talked to a lady who saw this transcript the first time I posted it on the internet, and she was from Turkey. She said that her father had been involved in the search for Noah’s ark somehow and then she told me that James Irwin (the astronaut) had been in Turkey in 1967 and 1968. I wrote her back to verify those dates but never heard from her again.

But this tipped me off and I did some research into him, and it just so happens that he was the world’s greatest defensive pilot at the time, hands down (its in his biography). This was necessary because of the missile activity in the area at the time. In other words, they wanted the best defensive pilot in the World to fly the Body out of the country, in case they experienced any attacks on the plane.

Just after he got out of the program, he started “High Flight” which was dedicated to finding Noah’s Ark, and he published a book titled, “More then an Ark on Ararat” (read between the lines on that one). In one of his books, he specified that one of his wife’s brothers (I think) died in a climbing accident, and he himself, on his first expedition to Ararat almost died in a similar accident. And, from I book I just finished reading, at one time he had asked a former SWAT agent (Robert Cornuke the author of, “The Lost Shipwreck of Paul”) to act as his body guard on another trip to Ararat. Why did he feel he needed a bodyguard?

James Irwin was the pilot that flew the body home (he also was the first astronaut to pass away – at a fairly young age). Assuredly, the trip to Turkey in 1967 was to allow Mr. Irwin the opportunity to land, and take off from the Trabzon flight line which, apparently, is a rather tricky one under normal circumstances, much less under fire. According to the book, they flew out of Turkey via Trabzon AFB (which I actually had some dealings with when I was stationed at SHAPE) and also Samsun AFB, both of which were turned over to Turkey in January of 1969, within a month of the expedition. This looks like a very obvious and odious smoke screen to me. I had pondered the timing of the removal of the body from the mountain for years wondering why they chose that time of the year and then it dawned on me just a couple of days ago (today being November 15, 2006) that of course they would have removed the body in the middle of winter to ensure its preservation.

It was this contact with the National Geographic Expedition that (I believe) actually motivated Mr. Irwin to dedicate his life to finding Noah’s Ark after he left the Astronaut Program. I also called his ministry and ended up talking to his wife, but she could not verify the above dates either, however, it is very possible the Jim could have kept this information from her as being top secret. The astronauts were sent to various parts of the globe while in training, to places that would be, geographically, similar to the surface of the moon, and thus, a side trip in secret to Turkey is not unfeasible. Also, more then likely, as he neared the end of any Statue of Limitations on the information about the body, he was more and more likely to publish a book on this very subject, having laid the initial groundwork in his previous books, and then he died prematurely.

Now, it is my belief that the box was originally designed to fit into the King’s Coffer in the Pyramid of Giza, but that Noah took Adam’s body with him in the ark, and probably Eve’s body was left in the pyramid (see appendix below). Recently they have been digging a tunnel to a secret chamber that they found in the pyramid, but I haven’t heard anymore on this. [link to]

As of this update on October 26, 2005, Egypt just announced that they are planning on sending an Upuaut Robot up one of the air shafts that has some type of door and thus, possibly, some type of chamber behind it.

The existence of Adam’s body not only proves instantaneous creation, but it proves that there will come a day of redemption and resurrection and reckoning, and it proves that this resurrection will be accomplished by the Last Adam – whose birth has been marked on the world’s calender for 2,000 years. In fact, this day of redemption may be a lot closer than most people think.

For all that, it should come as no surprise to the reader that Speilberg is planning on another Indiana Jones movie and two rumors are that it will be about Noah’s Ark and that it will include Adam’s Body.

For more info on this see the post on the Cave of Treasures

> Any news on the mysterious story of Adams body and the Ark…?

No. I have a feeling that they moved the body from the Branch Museum of the Smithsonian, where it was (probably) housed in Suitland, Maryland, to a ‘safe’ location. If it is still in the U.S. then it is probably in one of those bunkers that the rich and imfamous have built for themselves, in fulfillment of the Word that says that they will hide under the rocks and in the caves.

David Hill (11 Sep 2000) “Re: Your article on Adam’s body”

> I was just watching the show Mysteries of the > Unexplained I think its called, > on PAX. I saw the guy you were talking about, David > Duckworth, they were > talking about this. Jerry Orbach and his team on the > show really dug into > this, and tried to get the government to release > what it knows about the area > in satellite photos, and just hounded the > Smithsonian and National > Geographic, and they DENY that it ever happened. I’m > just starting into this > area, I’ve joined Bob Cornuke’s volunteer research > team, and was working > extensively on proving the true location of Mt. > Sinai, and so I’m getting > into this area, as he also is into this, so in > research I am trying to cover > both areas. This info is unbelievable, I’m going to > start compiling something > on Noah’s Ark too, that’s going to be much longer > than Mt. Sinai I can see > already. What else have you found? Do you have any > other pages on this? /dec98/hill1221.htm

I haven’t found anything that would hold up in a court of law, mostly just suppositions.

I assumed that, shortley after the body arrived in America, that we would have built a better ‘house’ for it, for purposes of preservation and study. Shortly after 1968, the Smithsonian built an ‘addition’ to the Museam in Suitland Maryland. From the description of it off the web, it has all the tools that they would have needed to preserve the body and do extensive study of it, with every scientific ‘tool’ that they had, and new ones to boot. It might still be there, or it might have been moved by now. But, I am convinced that at one time, the body was there.

I talked to a lady on the internet one time, who was from Turkey. Her father had been involved, one way or another, in an expedition to ararat in the 60’s, and she told me that an important individual had been there then. I checked into it, and that person suppposedly, according to his wife, hadn’t been there in those years. So, I wrote the lady back to question her on the years involved, and never heard from her again.

The individual that she fingered, was a very important individual in all this, and is very possibly that he was the individual who would have been the pilot of the plane that would have flown the body to the U.S. He was the Best Evasive Pilot in the World, at the time, which is not an exageration, and this was necesary because the area was involved in shelling at the time. I won’t mention his name for, though he ‘died’ prematurely, his wife is still alive, and I want to keep her out of all this. As far as I could tell, she wasn’t lying about those years, which means her husband didn’t tell her about being in Turkey then, or why he was there. There is very good reason to suggest that he wouldn’t have, which doesn’t rule out the possibility that he was there at that time. In the early seventies, he ‘became’ extremely interested in Mt. Ararat, and very public about it as well.

As well, right after Dec of 1968, both Air Force bases in Turkey that were involved in this; Trabzone and Samsun (?); were turned over to the Turkish Government by the U.S. This, obviously, was a coverup, and any record of the Smithsonian, or National Geographic Society being on those Bases and what they were doing there, would be lost.

Depending upon how indepth you go with all this, you might want to check on the N.G.S. and see if they ever used purple ink to mark their crates, as Duckworth both times mentions this as being on the crates. This wouldn’t actually prove anything, but it would certainly increase his reliability as a witness. From the two times I have talked with him, I don’t have any reason to doubt what he said at all.

Another thing you could do, if you are the agressive type, is get ahold of the individual I mentioned, that owns the company in Canada that produces the game, “MindTrap”. His father told him the Expedition version of that joke, and I get the feeling that he knows something that he isn’t willing to talk openly about, but might in person privately. Also try and get ahold of the lady that has all the file cabinets full of all this information, which might have something tangible that has been overlooked.

I had sent a letter to the Smithsonain rebuking them and all those involved in the coverup, in Yehovah’s name, and I expect that rebuke will be redeemed shortly…

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Here is a series of letters between myself and someone – a spook I suspect from his ‘mean’ last name – who found my article on the net.

I never heard back from him after my last reply.

Date: Thu, 9 Aug 2007 13:43:36 -0700 (PDT)
From: “David Hill” View Contact Details Add Mobile Alert
Subject: Adam’s Body in Noah’s Ark

All one would need to do is verify that Mr. David Duckworth was an employee of the Smithsonian during the time in question and that “rumor” would then be an eye witness account – he stated in that conversation or in a subsequent one, that he had all his records for those years – W2’s etc – which would be evidence admissable in any court of law. One would assume that an organization of the ‘stature’ of the Smithsonian wouldn’t hire lunatics or psychos and thus the Eye Witness would be a very credible one.

As far as further research, I haven’t done any that was not included in that article, I don’t believe, cause there really wasn’t anything else that I could check into. I have considered the proof that several scientists gave a while back that every woman on the planet came from one woman and every man from one man and the huge push for the human gnome project as an ‘signiature’ which is, of course, not provable outside of their admission.

Something else to consider is that it would be reasonable to assume that Noah would have included a Species Sperm & Egg Bank on the Ark and it is, therefore, probably no coincidence that this past winter scientists found an ‘oasis’ if you will, in the French Guiana (?) where the animals displayed no fear of man which was a genetic condition of animals before God placed that fear in them after the flood and this would indicate that in the sixties they found that Bank and actually utilized it to breed animals which resulted in this phenominum – in fact, nothing else really explains it for those people that believe the Word of Y’hova.

I didn’t finish the first sentance in last letter to you – the lady who originally asked me for permission to include that transcript never got back to me after I replied to her so I don’t know if she ever published her book, what the title would have been or if she included the transcript in her work. I also no longer have the email so I have no idea of who she was as that was probably two or three years ago.

If you are trying to get a hold of Mr. Duckworth to verify the transcript, which I would recommend, you can get his home city in the book that I reference in that transcript and then just call information for his home town which is how I found him originally.

By the way, from what perspective are you going to be writing your book from, may I ask?

And, in answer to your question – I believe the Word of Y’hova and thus, when it says that Noah built an Ark out of White Oak (per Salinger’s Book) that was Pressure Treated (the meaning of “Gopher Wood” ibid) which made the wood stronger then Iron (as well as not being rust prone), that survived a World Wide Flood, then there is more than enough proof that the Ark exists and that it does so on Mt. Ararat since it would have been preserved in a near perfect environment for the last 4400 years.

Further, from a philosophical point of view, knowing human nature, if the Ark existed there is no doubt that the people who run this world would try and find it – the antics of Hitler during the war in searching the world for Religous Artifacts alone suggests this – if only for the Sperm Bank since they are concerned with the gene pools of the human and animal kingdom due to recent finding in Population Genetics – and thus the only question that remains is whether or not they found what they were looking for.


David T. Hill

Posted by Theoferrum at 12/09/2009 06:44:00 PM

Bruce L. Gerig (Source site)

(4) In 1958, 1964 and 1968, the National Geographic Society led expeditions to the Ark. David Duckworth, a young man who was working in the fall of 1968 as a volunteer in the vertebrate paleontology section at the Smithsonian Institution in Washington, DC, went over one day to see why his supervisor was so excited and Al Merrick showed him a large, composite aerial photograph of the Ark. Infrared photos had been taken from a balloon with a camera suspended over the boat by cables. A month later several crates arrived, out of which were unpacked pieces of ancient wood, old-style tools, and other artifacts. Dr. Robert Geist, a scientist from the expedition, told Duckworth that “they had used thermite bombs to burn into portions of the hull” so they could go inside and take photos – one of which showed “a stall or cage and a box that might have served as a feeding trough…” Dr. Geist told Duckworth that he had finally concluded that this was Noah’s Ark because of a central gathering place that must have been used to get rid of waste. Later, additional crates landed on the loading dock, marked “MT ARARAT – National Geographic / Smithsonian Expedition” – and a coffin-shaped alabaster box was carried in, which contained a preserved (frozen or mummified) body.
Then five days later, all the buzz suddenly stopped. Officials “started taking the stuff [from the Ark] out and placing it under lock and key.” The staff was instructed never to mention it again. Duckworth didn’t think too much about it at the time; but later, after his story appeared in Violet Cummings’ Has Anyone Really Seen Noah’s Ark? (1982), he was visited by two “FBI agents,” who told him that he was “making waves at the Smithsonian” and that “he had seen something that did not concern him.”

Rene Noorbergen, a veteran news reporter, spoke with a source who attended the high-level meeting in Washington where the NG/SI officials decided not to release, but rather bury, everything found on Ararat. Yet, this 1968 expedition has been confirmed by five people, in different locations, who were in Turkey at the time and who crossed paths with members of the Ararat expedition team returning home – all of whom were told excitedly, “You wouldn’t believe what we’ve found! But we can’t say anything.”

Still, perhaps God has a hand in all of this. At the University of Erzurum (located 150 miles W of Mt. Ararat), an Islamic scholar told Robin Simmons, one ark explorer: “The Ark is a bomb in the world!” He explained that there is widespread belief in the region that the revelation of the Ark will be a sign that Mohammed is returning to purge the earth of all the heretics in a holy war. Then all true believers will go to heaven in a restored Golden Ark. Perhaps we should all be glad that the Ark has not been more “discovered” than it has. The truth is out there for those who earnestly want to search for it and find it. So it often seems to be God’s way.

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4 Responses to Noah’s Ark – The Smithsonian and National Geographic 1968 (Part 2)

  1. Mikah says:

    You can view the actual remains of the Ark at Noah’s Ark National Park in Turkey. There is a government visitor’s center and artifacts from the Ark are on display. It was found in 1977 by Ron Wyatt, an American who worked with the permission of Turkish government.

  2. Chris McKinley says:

    Do you know of anyone who has made an effort to locate the other sights mentioned by Duckworth?

    • Daniel Silas says:

      I don’t know of anyone. From what I can tell, there has been very little follow up investigation into his story.

      It looks to me like there was a big effort to discredit him and the story. Very little effort to look into his claims.

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