Noah’s Ark – The Smithsonian and National Geographic 1968 (Part 4)

The facts show that the basic setting of David Duckworth’s story is credible.  The Smithsonian Institute had a volunteer program for young people and David Duckworth was there in 1968.  He was working where he claims.  Albert Myrick, his supervisor, was there in 1968 as well.

The reason this story was dismissed is Duckworth did not have any “evidence” to prove what he was saying.  He was contradicted by Albert Myrick and his friend that worked there.  They claim it never happened.  Dr. Robert Geist is no where to be found.

So let’s stop right there a moment, and for the sake of debate let’s postulate that David Duckworth is actually telling the truth.

1) The motivation for the concealment of the truth was fueled by religious prejudice.

“If the religious fanatics ever found out who was in that box it would really cause trouble.” – Dr. Robert Geist

Many who hold to Evolution as the paradigm for understanding the world are often times atheists or agnostics.  If the Ark and artifacts were found, it would support the Biblical story of Noah.  That would confirm some of the oldest history that goes all the way back to Genesis 6.  Five more chapters back you have God creating the world and humanity.

There would be trouble because a Biblical worldview would be supported by even more scientific proof and would threaten Evolution philosophy further.  It would smash some scientific theories across the spectrum of the scientific field.  That would mean a loss of money, prestige, and standing for those scientists.

However ridiculous the notion may be, the Smithsonian and National Geographic scientific establishment might have been afraid if they released the information that we would suddenly revert back to the “Dark Ages.”  Perhaps they were afraid they would all end up being burned at the stake.  Dr. Robert Geist obviously had a low opinion of religious fanatics.

2)  If Albert Myrick held the same views as Dr. Robert Geist, then it would be understandable for Myrick to contradict Duckworth’s story.  Will the 18 year old kid be believed over an established scientist?  No.  Therefore all Myrick had to do to keep things quiet would be to lie and say that Duckworth was making up his story.  There was no proof to support Duckworth’s.

3) Duckworth’s friend also contradicted his story.  Being a kid he would bow to the pressure of the establishment because he was told to not talk about it.  It was to be kept secret.  Perhaps the friend was an atheist or agnostic too that agreed with Myrick and Geist.  Imagine what would happen if he spoke out with Duckworth.  If he wanted to be a scientist his entire career could be destroyed before it began if he went against the decision of those involved.  Once I get Renee Norrbergen’s book The Ark File, I can provide further information on Duckworth’s friend.  I hestitate without the reference material.

4) David Duckworth reported that Myrick and his friend both refused to tell the truth when they were being interviewed.  Duckworth’s friend was angry about being exposed.  Later Myrick told Duckworth he couldn’t talk about it when Duckworth contacted him.

Evidence to Support David Duckworth

The investigators of Duckworth’s story have provided some light on the subject of his credibility, and they have cast a shadow over the denials of the Smithsonian and National Geographic.

It has been established that the National Geographic Society did lie by claiming they never had any expeditions to Turkey and Mt. Ararat during the 1960s.  Multiple witnesses of the United States Air Force at two separate bases in Turkey witnessed the Nat Geo teams on multiple occasions including two US Air Force Chaplains, Captain Clair Shaffer and Lt. Colonel Rogers H. Pearson.  They have gone on the record.

As the National Geographic Society has been exposed as liars, how are we supposed to believe them when they deny they found the Ark when their own teams told the US Air Force officers they had found an amazing discovery!  The testimony of the the US Air Force Chaplains supports Duckworth’s story and reveals the deception of Nat Geo.

It is the exact same scenario with the US Air Force being the liars in regard to the Roswell UFO crash.  Congressman Steve Schiff from New Mexico inquired about the truth and the US Air Force admitted it lied (Wiki article here) in the late 1990s.  But, then they simply turned around and gave us another “balloon” story.  Instead of a “weather” balloon it was a top secret “listening” balloon.  How are we supposed to believe the US Air Force on Roswell when they admit to lying about it for 50 years?

I am so tired of all the lies.  How can we ever trust any government, organization, or person when we are overwhelmed by lie after lie.  The lies are so massive and pervasive that it is a poison that must be withdrawn or it will destroy us.

There are many, many retired credible military personnel coming forward to reveal the reality on the truth embargo in regard to UFOs.  See some of the videos here.  I’ve personally seen one within 100 yards.  Someday the truth will come out.  It will be the same for the Smithsonian and National Geographic’s criminal  truth embargo on Noah’s Ark.

Criminal?  Yes.  The discovery of Noah’s Ark is one of the most important pieces of human history especially in regard to origins.  It is absolutely criminal for a small group of people to hide such a tremendous truth from the rest of us.  Maybe someday they will realize how wrong it is and disclose the truth.

Further Investigation

I believe there is probable cause and evidence (though not a lot) to bring the Smithsonian Institute and National Geographics denials into the light to be examined.  There should be a full investigation into this matter.  The investigation must go beyond David Duckworth at this point.

There were many witnesses to Duckworth’s account at the Smithsonian Institute in 1968.  There were plenty of other young people volunteering as well as the rest of the adult staff.  Every living person who was there during that time period needs to come forward and tell their part of the story.  They need to be interviewed, and they need to be documented.  The records need to be searched for any detail or fact.

The National Geographic Society need to be investigated just as much as the Smithsonian Institute.  Anyone with knowledge to Nat Geo finding, studying, and hiding the artifacts from the Ark need to be questioned starting with anyone still alive from the 1958, 1964, and 1968 expeditions.  Their records need to be searched for any detail or fact.

In addition to reaching back into the past for more witnesses to corroborate David Duckworth’s account, the current staff of both institutions needs to be investigated as well. Who has continued the criminal legacy of concealment and secrecy for the last 45 years?  Open the vaults and bring out the truth.

For those witnesses who come forward in regard to any secret that has been kept from the public, there should be amnesty.  The people simply want to know the truth.  If humanity deserves anything it is the truth of our heritage, history, life, and future.

There is the real possibility that many important discoveries have been forgotten in the dark store houses of the museums.  Every nook and cranny, crate and box need to be opened and investigated by the people.

I’ve ordered Cummings and Noorbergen’s books.  I will continue to update as I find more information.

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    Has anyone mentioned the size of the alibaster container or the body therein?

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