Hammered Nails

The evidence shows the nails that were driven into Jesus’ hands were hammered at an angle.  I think it would be how we angle the nail when we hang a picture.

An approximate location of the entry wound of the nail.

An approximate location of the entry wound of the nail.

Nail - Hand - Back

An approximate exit wound of the nail on the back of the wrist.

Shroud - Hand Nail Wounds

On the Shroud of Turin, you can see the exit wound on the left wrist. This technique would account for the thumb pulling in toward the palm and not being visible.  The arms would be positioned so the blood would flow down the forearms.

The ones in His feet went through His ankles.


If the nails were driven through the ankles you can see how the blood would flow down along the outer edge of His feet including the heels and downward toward the toes.  If the nails went through the top of the feet, there would not be any blood on the heels.

I can’t even imagine the suffering that Jesus experienced on behalf of those of us who believe in Him.  God poured His wrath out on Jesus for our sins.  He took our place so that we may be with Him forever.

I love Jesus, and He has my eternal loyalty and trust.  Words are not adequate.

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